Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Of Song Joong Ki

The top Hallyu star Song Joong Ki entered the entertainment industry in their third year of his college. He was approached by an agent on the subway but took some time to thought about entering the entertainment industry. He excelled both in Sports and Studies. He later rose to fame with the historical Korean Drama SungkyunKwan Scandal. The coming-of-age historical drama brought him immense fame and recognition. He also starred in two of the highest-earning films in South Korea that is ‘The Werewolf Boy,’ and ‘The Battleship Island.’ Here’s the list of the top 10 Korean Dramas of Song Joong Ki.

1. My Precious You

Song Joong Ki did his first leading role in the drama ‘My Precious You.’ He enacted the character of Jang Jin Ho. The drama revolves around a love story where one is a radio PD and another carries a dark past with him. Initially, they did not get along with each other but later fall for each other but their family secret awaits to threaten their relationship.

2. SungkyunKwan Scandal

The highest-rated historical Korean Drama ‘SungKyunKwan scandal’ explores the life of a girl who used to support her family after her father died. Later due to unavoidable circumstances, she disguises herself as a boy and took the university exam. The drama follows her journey how she meets new people and crosses every hurdle. Song Joong Ki played the character of Gong Yong Ha.

3. The Innocent Man

Song Joong Ki played the character of Kang Maa Ro. The revenge-based melodrama revolves around the life of Kang Maa Ro who gets betrayed by the love of his life. The girl she loves later marries someone wealthy. When Kang Maa Ro finds that he takes the help of someone to take his revenge.

4. Descendants Of The Sun

The 2016 highest-rated drama ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ increased the popularity of Song Joong Ki both domestically and internationally. He soon became one of the top Hallyu stars. The drama follows the love story between a doctor and a soldier. The two works in proximity to help each other out and in the process, they fell for each other. He played the character of the soldier Yoo Shi Jin.

5. Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles is divided into three parts and Song Joong Ki played into all three parts. He played the double role of Eun Seom and Saya. The difference between both the characters was seen in Song Joon Ki’s eyes. He performed it very well. Arthdal Chronicles is the most expensive drama of all time and revolves around the life of Eun Seom and Saya.

6. Tree With Deep Roots

Song Joong Ki played the support role of King Se Jong in the drama ‘Tree With Deep Roots.’ The drama is a historical, mystery, and thrill-themed drama. The drama revolves around a major revenge plot. The drama is famous for its intriguing yet heartbreaking plot. The actors did an outstanding job giving life to the characters.

7. Will It Snow For Christams

The drama follows the story of two people who get separated during their teen years. The couple later gets united at the engagement ceremony. The main lead feels heartbroken as her lover refuses to recognize him. Song Joong Ki made his guest appearance in the drama in the first episode. He appears as the female lead’s brother.

8. Vincenzo

The highest-rated Netflix series ‘Vincenzo’created havoc among the K-drama community when it aired. The fans waited for every single episode. The visuals, story, cinematography, and Ost were outstanding. The drama revolves around an Italian mafia who comes back to South Korea to get back his gold. Song Joong Ki played the character of Vincenzo.

9. Reborn Rich

Song Joong Ki is confirmed for his upcoming drama ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate.’ It’s been stated he will play the role of Jin Do Joon / Yoon Hyun Woo. The drama revolves around the life of an employee who gets framed for a crime he did not commit and later gets murdered. The same employee is now reborn as their son.

10. Little Women

Song Joong Ki is reported to make a guest appearance in the first episode of Little Women. The Little Women is a highly anticipated drama starring Kim Go Eun and Wi Ha Joon. The drama revolves around a large sum of money. When the female lead finds that large sum of money, she goes on a path to fight the wealthy family of the nation.