Article: Top 10 Worst Korean Dramas Of Decades

When something is famous and good, there’s always a bad side to it. Popular Korean Dramas can have A-list actors, and top-notch cinematography but this alone can’t save a drama if it is badly written. There are many great dramas, but this time we will discuss how execution can lead to the destruction of a drama, and sometimes there is no real storyline found in the said drama. Famous actors from Song Kang to actress Park Bo Young, have once given us some badly-executed drama that didn’t do well domestically and had many faults. Here’s the list of the Top 10 worst Korean Dramas of decades.

1. Nevertheless

Nevertheless has been a controversial drama since its premiere. It was adapted from the webtoon of the same name but the change in the ending wasn’t welcomed by many vivid webtoons and K-drama viewers. The drama mainly dealt with how a naive girl Nabi falls for a playboy Park Jae-Eon. The fans thought that the drama had romanticized toxicity and thus conveys a wrong message to the public.

2. Playful Kiss

Playful Kiss internationally got much-needed fame when it was aired almost a decade ago. The drama simply shows how a high school girl falls for a guy who manipulates and mistreats her. The drama conveys the level of stupidity that a sane person can’t bear to watch. The female lead rejects the boys who treat her right but blindly follows the one who does not treat her right.

3. Now We Are Breaking Up

Hye Kyo’s comeback drama ‘Now We Are Breaking Up’ became a huge disaster after airing a few episodes. The execution of the drama wasn’t great as the poorly written script can’t save a drama. Hallyu star Song Hye Kyo couldn’t save the drama. The audience thought that the plot of a 38-year-old woman mourning over the loss of 6a -month relationship was unreasonable and the overall character had fault.

4. Love Alarm

Love Alarm is divided into two seasons. Though the first part of Love Alarm was loved by many viewers, the second season was hated by many. The fluctuating feelings of the female lead Jojo and her unreasonable way of leaving Sun Ho weren’t welcomed by many. The disastrous and unwelcome ending of season 2 hurt the sentiments of many fans.

5. Doom At Your Service

The highly anticipated comeback drama of Park Bo Young was a failure domestically. Though well loved internationally, It lacked many aspects. It showed nothing new except the cinematography and OST saved the drama. The drama was poorly written and executed. It became monotonous after sometime. Most of the viewers soon lost interest.

6. The Bride Of Habaek

The drama has been considered one of the biggest flops of 2017. Even actors like Nam Joo Hyuk couldn’t save the drama. The viewers stated that there was no chemistry between the leads, and the story was completely unreasonable. The concept of God and the act of saving one’s life looked all ridiculous and thus the drama failed to captivate and engage the audience.

7. Fashion King

Despite talented actors like Yoo Ah In and Lee Je Hoon, the drama couldn’t engage viewers. The storyline and poorly written script were at fault. The love story between the main lead doesn’t make sense and the chemistry seemed dull to the viewers. Overall plot settings and character development weren’t even good.

8. That Man, Oh Soo

If someone doesn’t make sense in Life, then remember we have this drama called That Man, Oh Soo. The drama and its plot never made any logical and reasonable sense to viewers. The concept of the magic tree and the main lead’s ability to make anyone fall in love with him seemed somewhat illogical to viewers. The drama was a disaster to the poor execution.

9. Start-Up

Even though consistent efforts by Kim Seon Ho, the drama couldn’t be saved all thanks to the illogical execution of the lot. The sudden relationship between Dalmi and Dosan served as one of the major factors why the drama was ruined. The inconsistency in Do-San’s character and lack of proper usage of IT knowledge.

10. Blood

The drama is not so famous among the viewers and it had some of the most intriguing plots. Despite the intriguing plot, the drama could not attract viewers. The concept of the main lead is a vampire. He was turned into a vampire by some medical pill and not naturally. The lead was a doctor who resisted his thrust to feed on human blood. Still, the intriguing plot failed to engage the public.