Article: Top Korean Dramas Of Actor Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho is a South Korean Actor. He started his career as a theatre actor. He started his acting career in 2009 with theatre and later debuted with the KBSs series The Good Manager in 2017. He played the supporting character in Good Manager. He bagged the leading role in the same year in the drama Strongest Deliveryman. Kim Seon Ho surpassed the star-studded cast of Start-Up with his character Han Ji Pyeong. His character was loved and appreciated by every true Kdrama addict. He even outshined the Hallyu actress Suzy. This showed how capable Kim Seon Ho as an actor is. 

1. Good Manager 

Kim Seon Ho started his drama career with Good Manager. He played the supporting character of Sun Sang Tae. He brought comic relief and other elements needed in the drama. The drama revolves around the corporate world. When the main lead enters the corporate office, he tries to fight off the corporate corporation and empowers other employees. Good Manager is one of the funniest dramas. 


2. Strongest Deliveryman

Kim Seon Ho bagged his leading role in Strongest Deliveryman. He played the leading role of Oh Jin Gyu. He was paired with actor Go Kyung Pyo. Oh Jin Gyu was a rich person, and he was supposed to be the villain in the drama. His character development brought a comedic element to the drama. The viewers were amazed at Kim Seon Hos’s portrayal of Oh Jin Gyu, and they loved how beautifully he portrayed his character. 


3. Two Cops

 Kim Seon HO played the character of a coin artist Kong Soo Chang. Kong Soo Chang was a clever con artist who knew how to make a fool out of innocent people. The drama revolves around a detective whose body gets taken over by Kong Soo Chang. The criminals are all afraid of the detective, and now he has to share his duties with Soo Chang. The two set out on a journey to protect each other. 


4. 100 Days My Prince 

100 Days My Prince is the highest-rated Korean drama in the history of Korean cable television. It is a historical drama in which Kim Seon Ho played the character of Jung Jae Yoon. The drama revolves around the budding romance between leading characters. The leading characters share a childhood bond which is seen in many dramas. 


5. Welcome To Waikiki 2

Waikiki is a comedy-drama where Kim Seon Ho played the leading role. His character Choi Woo Shik was sensible, a good friend, and a brother. He dreamt of becoming a singer. The drama revolves around when he and his two other friends accidentally meet their high school love. They help her stay because her father went bankrupt. The drama follows more comedic experiences which bring both excitement and laughter to viewers. 


6. Catch The Ghost 

Kim Seon Ho played the character of a Cop who was a subway officer, Go Ji Suk. After going through something unfortunate, he becomes very picky with his cases. But when a determined female officer arrives at the station, he had to clean up her mess. The drama revolves around solving cases and finding female leads closest ones.


7. Find Me In Your Memory

 Kim Seon Ho appeared as a cameo in Find Me In Your Memory to support his co-star Moon Ga Young. They previously worked in leading roles in Waikiki Season 2. He played the character of an actor Seo Gwang Jin. The drama revolves around the life of a man who remembers everything and a woman who can’t remember much. 


8. Run On 

Run On is a slow slice of life Korean drama famous for its slow-burn romance and melodrama. The actor Kim Seon Ho honored the drama with his cameo appearance. He played the character of film director Kim Sang Ho and appeared in the last episode of the drama that is episode 16. 


9. Start-Up 

Kim Seon Ho rose to international fame and recognition with his character Han Ji Pyeong. He was a developer and the Ceo of the Start-Up. He is known for his witty, intelligent, brave, hardworking, and honest nature. He paved the way for other characters in the drama who were comparably dull. The viewers have crowned him as one of the most painful second lead syndrome givers in the history of Kdrama. Kim Seon Ho has outshined the rest of the cast in the drama and showed that there are many hidden gems in the Korean Industry.


10. Hometown Cha Cha Cha 

Hometown Cha Cha Cha is the highest-rated Korean Drama both internationally and domestically. Kim Seon Ho played the leading role where his character Hong Du Shik lived in the countryside Gongjin. The drama beautifully shows the calm seaside and chaotic neighborhood where nothing works without our beloved Du Shik. The drama takes viewers on a journey of peaceful and beautiful experiences. It teaches us that life is about learning to forgive ourselves and not to dwell over what’s gone. Through Du Shik, the drama has explored many painful and beautiful aspects of Life.