Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Work For Social Causes

Donating to those in need doesn't require you to have as much money as a well-known Korean celebrity. Celebrities from Korea frequently donate their time and resources, make financial contributions, and support those in need locally and abroad. When it comes to being kind, these celebrities are role models. Although they earn a tonne of money, they also donate millions to the underprivileged and impoverished. It's possible that some of these celebrities had disadvantaged origins and have experienced hardship. Instead of squandering all their money on themselves, lavish homes, automobiles, and jewelry, some people want to share their wealth. Some famous people have kind hearts and donate to good causes.

Below are the top 10 Korean celebrities who work for social causes.

1. Bae Suzy

Every year on her birthday, the Start-Up actress develops a practice of contributing to the Life Share Association, an organization that promotes organ donation. She gave 100 million won to the charity in honor of her 25th birthday to support children with life-threatening illnesses, including pediatric cancer and leukemia. She has also given freely to help needy families, single moms, and those affected by calamities like the wildfire in Gangwon Province in 2019.


2. IU

In addition to having a heavenly voice, the multi-talented IU, real name Lee Ji-eun, is a genuine angel. The Hotel del Luna actress recently commemorated 13 years in show business with a significant contribution, organizing businesses she works with to give 850 million won in first aid kits, footwear, pizzas, and more to generosities, shelters, and health institutions. On her birthday in May, she handed out household appliances to deserving single moms, including refrigerators and washing machines, totaling roughly US$370,000. She also gave 500 million won to charity.

Since 2011, she has raised about 1.5 billion won ($1.27 million). She participated in the Covid-19 efforts in South Korea by giving 260 million won (about $220,000) for masks and medical reserves for low-income households. She also offered assistance to Gangwon Province forest fire victims. She has furthermore made countless contributions to the senior citizens' and charity institutions, the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, and the Seoul Association of the Deaf, which support underprivileged children.


3. Lee Min Ho

 In addition to creating a fundraising forum called PROMIZ, which won the Korea Good Brand Award, Lee Min Ho has moved beyond simply making financial contributions to charity.

Holt International Children's Service and UNICEF are just a couple of the charities PROMIZ has supported since its founding in 2014 by staying loyal to its objective and raising funds. With the help of contributions to UNICEF, it was possible to provide kids with access to clean water for drinking and to shield them from needless exposure to waterborne illnesses.


5. BTS’s J-Hope

 J-Hope is the most affluent member of BTS. He gave 100 million won to African children who were the victims of violent crime on Children's Day in South Korea in 2021. Over the past three years, he has donated more than 700 million won to munificence. His passion for education led him to gift 100 million won to Childfund Korea's Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education in 2019. The funds were distributed to Choontae Academy, where he attended high school, and to a girl's high school to fund scholarships. He gives to charities on his birthday regularly, much like many celebrities.


5. Ha Ji Won

Even though Ha Ji Won is another well-known person who donates to many causes, her work for families and children is too important to ignore.

In collaboration with the Gangnam Family Welfare Center, she and her fanatics commenced The Smile Again Project in 2006 to raise money for medically needy disadvantaged children. In 2014, Operation Smile, a non-profit that assists in funding procedures for kids born with facial abnormalities, named her as their ambassador in recognition of her work for the cause. She has since carried on with her humanitarian work to support Operation Smile, going so far as to serve as an honorary ambassador when traveling abroad.


6. BTS’s Jin

In recognition of his contributions to bettering children's lives through money, specialized programming, and mentoring, Jin was inducted into UNICEF’s Honors Club in 2019 (for people who have given at least 100 million won, or about US$84,340). Since 2018, he has consistently donated.


7. Bang Yong Guk 

 The dynamic rapper and former leader-member of B.A.P is named Bang Yong Guk. It's difficult to estimate the extent of this kind of musician's contributions to children's charities since he has one of the enormous hearts for children we have ever witnessed. He frequently encourages others to fund or join these organizations because he is a registered member of World Vision, Save the Children, and UNICEF.

The donations never stop, and this area might go on forever. They range from money raised at concerts to dolls donated by fans (after first getting their permission!) to books.


8. Shin Min-A

 The actress does have a golden heart. In 2016, it came to light that she had been giving large sums of money covertly to several organizations for over ten years, supporting causes including funding for senior citizens living alone to pay for their heating bills. And also aid for North Korean refugee women and children. Her whole contributions were a staggering 1.4 billion won ($1.18 million).

The Hallym Burn Foundation has also received 100 million won annually from her since 2015, intending to help more than a hundred burn sufferers receive remedy and surgery. The kind-hearted celebrity has also helped establish a school in Nepal for a disadvantaged community whose previous school had crumpled and covered the costs of children from nations like Mongolia and Cambodia traveling to Korea for medical cures.


9. BTS

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) has long been known for its charitable music. The Love Myself campaign, initiated in 2017, is a partnership between the band, their management business, and the Korean Committee for UNICEF. Funds earned via the campaign got utilized to help young people who have been the victims of sexual, household, and school abuse. By the end of August 2020, the campaign had amassed over US$2.2 million, thanks to contributions from Bangtan, record sales, campaign product sales, and international donations. The organization has also assisted those affected by calamities, such as the Sewol Ferry accident in 2014, where the group and its management firm covertly granted 100 million won to the victims. On each member of the group's birthdays, their devoted followers frequently donate to humanitarian causes.

The Black Lives Matter campaign received a recognized $1 million donation from BTS and its management organization in June 2020. To #MatchAMillion, BTS ARMY, their fan club, established a goal, and they achieved it by contributing more than an additional $1 million to the cause.


10. Kim Soo-Hyun

 Kim Soo Hyun contributes equally despite being one of the highest-paid K-drama actors. He gave 300 million won (US$253,000) in 2014 to help the Danwon High School students, who made up the majority of those killed in the Sewol Ferry accident, with their rally and psychiatric care and to help create a remembrance for the dead. In addition, he contributed 100 million won to help the Covid-19 campaign in South Korea and low-income households impacted by the epidemic, promised 203 million won at a Gucci philanthropy occasion in China and participated in a fundraiser to defend children's rights.