Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas With A Tutor Male Lead

Dramas with tutor leads bring a fresh and romantic perspective to love stories. They're not just about hitting the books; tutoring becomes a way for characters to bond on a deeper level. Imagine studying with your crush alone, how giddying. It's like watching love blossom between homework sessions. Here are the top 10 Thai dramas with tutor male leads that you should check out.

1. Dangerous Romance

Sailom, a hardworking student, stands up to school bully Kanghan and soon becomes his tutor for a tempting offer. As they embark on this tutoring journey, Kanghan undergoes a significant transformation, and an unexpected bond from enemies to friends to lovers forms between them. This Thai drama beautifully portrays their innocent and uplifting love story and highlights how Kanghan changes thanks to Sailom's influence. PerthChimon’s performance is truly exceptional and they are adorable. You will enjoy this drama and the entire cast.

2. My School President

Tinn secretly crushes on Gun, the head of the music club. As the student body president, Tinn faces the task of disbanding clubs to improve the school's reputation, making him Gun's enemy. To save Gun’s club, Tinn, in turn, becomes Gun's tutor to help him pass his finals, and invites him to study together, all while trying to get closer to his crush. Their cute and funny tutoring sessions make this Thai drama a delightful watch. Their relationship is a green flag, they communicate properly and love each other selflessly. Please watch this drama soon.

3. I Will Knock You

Thi, a college tutor, crosses paths with Noey, a high-school student who is a wannabe gangster. Despite Noey's tough appearance, he's hilariously silly. When Thi ends up tutoring Noey, they get to know each other better, and Noey falls hard for Thi. This Thai drama is a delightful mix of cute and beautiful moments, with tutoring at its heart. This drama is called an underrated gem by the fans, and you might just love this one a lot.

4. U-Prince: The Badly Politics

Cherrymilk (so cute), a fashionista, reluctantly dives into Political Science, thanks to her dad. When a class project becomes a nightmare, she turns to Survey, the go-to guy. Their bond deepens, but there's a twist – Survey's wedding bells are ringing. This Thai drama has an adorable tutor lead, and chemistry, that is off the charts. You'll root for them, especially when they get emotional. Cherrymilk is an adorable girl and she will charm your soul with her quirky character.

5. I Told Sunset About You

Teh and Oh-aew, once inseparable friends turned rivals, cross paths again while studying Communication Arts. A reunion stirs up complex emotions, especially when they connect through tutoring. The captivating cinematography will amaze you, and PP Krit as Oh-aew, will make you fall in love with him, he is extremely talented. You will cry so hard at the heartbreaking and emotional scenes, and keep rooting for your favorite character’s happiness. Give it a shot, this might become your new favorite drama.

6. Dark Blue Kiss

Kao's tutoring gig for Non introduces a twist to his blossoming relationship with Pete, sparking jealousy and complicating their secret romance. The love triangle adds drama to this popular series, making it a must-watch for fans of PeteKao. The drama is engaging and will leave you swooning at all the couples’ sweet moments.

7. Why R U?

Tutor and Fighter's connection begins with antagonism but progresses to friendship. Saifah, a carefree musician, meets Zon, a shy but dedicated sci-fi writer. Their interactions are magical. What makes it unique? Here, consent is paramount. Fighter is not readily let off the hook by Tutor, and they give each other space to cool off after arguments. Their relationship is beautiful and will leave you wanting more. The show is really popular, so you should give it a shot.

8. My Gear And Your Gown

Dr. Pai and Itt, with their academic and athletic backgrounds, meet paths in this Thai drama and become more than simply enemies. Tutoring pushes them closer together and finally turns them into lovers. Along with their love journey, the show conveys various uplifting themes. Dangerous Romance sees the leads switch from adversaries to lovers yet again.

9. En Of Love: This Is A Love Story

Neua, the engineering faculty's campus playboy, falls for Pra-Ram. Their love story takes an unexpected turn when Neua covertly tutors Pra-Ram, resulting in a sweet relationship that grows during their tutoring sessions. Give it a shot.

10. With Love

Plod hires Kaowkla, a senior architecture student who also teaches painting. Plod develops feelings for Kaowkla, who regards him as a younger brother, as they spend time together. Their love tale unfolds with a charming innocence. They are adorable.