Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas With Memory Loss As The Main Subject

Amnesia or memory loss is unusual forgetfulness, where a person cannot recall events or memories they have experienced from their past. It is almost like the events never took place. It is commonly diagnosed in people who have retained some damage to their brain, which causes them to either temporarily or permanently lose some memories. Short-term memory loss is a common tactic used in dramas to create suspense, mystery, and dramatic tension. Here are some dramas that feature this disease.

1. Please Feel At Ease, Mr. Ling

The drama revolves around Gu An Xin, a delivery woman living an ordinary life until she gets into an accident. Ling Yue is an heir to a major corporation; he gets targeted by his brother for being the successor of the Ling group. His car is sabotaged, and he gets into an accident. Fortunately, he survives and runs into An Xin. Bewildered An Xin, not knowing what to do, takes responsibility for his accident and takes him to her home in exchange for not being reported to the cops. She realizes he has lost his memories and is determined to nurse him back to health. While living together, the two fall in love. It is a cute rom-com drama.

2. My Love, Enlighten Me

It follows a 22-year-old Nuan Nuan, whose dreams shattered right before her eyes when her group disbands the same day it debuted. Having nowhere to go after she is kicked out of her dormitory, her friend offers her a place to stay, which is usually unoccupied. Han Che is a talented sound and light engineer who returns home from the US and is unaware that someone is living in his house. After understanding her situation, he lets her live in his place as a tenant. Han Che suffers from hyperthymesia, which provides him with an impeccable memory. Unfortunately, he has to undergo brain surgery and has a lapse in memory. Nuan Nuan is by his side through the whole process, and they fall in love.

3. Lover Or Stranger

It follows Luo Qian Yi, a young and talented violinist. She seemingly has a perfect life and is set to marry her fiance, Huo You Ze. Unfortunately, they get caught in an avalanche, and she gets severely injured and loses her memory. After receiving several injuries to her face, she undergoes facial surgery and discovers a usurper who is trying to steal her identity. While trying to figure out what is going on, the true intentions and secrets of her fiance come to light. She goes on a self-discovery journey where she struggles to find the real motives for everything in her life.

4. Forget You Remember Love

It follows the story of an ordinary girl, Ye Qian Yu, who is working hard for her livelihood. Shan Jun Ha is the CEO of Senwell and a wealthy man. The two meet in unexpected circumstances and don’t hit it off well. Until one day, Shan Jun Ha gets into a car accident and surprisingly survives but loses his memories. Qian Yu finds him on the road and thinks she hit him and caused him amnesia. She recognizes him and takes him in, feeling guilty. Living under the same roof, the two fall in love and help each other out with their problems.

5. The Love Lasts Two Minds

The drama is set in 907 CE, in the Liang dynasty. It revolves around Yuan Qing Li, the daughter of a general. She is traveling to a nunnery to meditate when she is suddenly attacked by a group of bandits, leaving her unconscious. She is rescued and realizes that she has lost her memories. She decides to run away from her house when she hears that she is set to marry. She disguises herself as a man and rises to the status of a county constable. There, she meets Jing Ci, Duke of Liang, who had gone undercover to expose people trying to take down the government. The two team up to end corruption and help Yuan Qing Li find her identity.

6. Renascence

The drama is set in the early 12th century in Da Chu. It follows the story of Empress Yao Mo Xin, who was wrongfully murdered by the emperor and his corrupt companions. Her spirit enters the body of Yao Mo Wan, her sister, and she plans to seek revenge. She enters the palace seeking vengeance and meets Ye Jun Qing, a young Da Chu prince. She falls in love with him and plans for him to become the emperor after disposing of the evil emperor. She uses her wits and intelligence to seek revenge and help Jun Qing assume the throne.

7. To Get Her

The drama tells the story of a pop idol, Tu Si Yi, who gets trapped in a game that he endorses and assumes the role of 3rd prince. While he gets trapped in the game, he loses his memories of the real world and gets used to the ancient timeline, and believes he belongs there. His girlfriend, Lin Zheng Zheng, who had grown apart from him after he became an idol, tries to bring him back to the real world and plays the game. She becomes the 3rd princess and the villain of the story and assists him in becoming the King and bringing him to the real world. It is a cute drama about the prince and his canon fodder.

8. The Trick Of Life And Love

The drama follows the story of two individuals. Ning Cheng Ming is a mean and cold CEO, a former university lecturer. Li Qian works at Star & Quark as a secretary and was a student of Cheng Ming who suffered because of his cold insults. The two meet again in Thailand for a contract for their respective companies. Cheng Ming gets into an unfortunate hit-and-run accident, which is witnessed by Li Qian. He is hospitalized and is said to have amnesia. Li Qian, after learning that he has amnesia, tries to prank him and says that she is his fiance, and from there begins their love story.

9. Memory Lost

The drama is a three-season TV series. It follows Han Chen, a police officer suffering from amnesia. He is searching for his lost fiance. Despite everyone telling him that the woman he is searching for does not exist, he is not affected by it and continuously searches for her. Bai Jin is a police detective with just as many gaps in her memory as Han Chen. The two meet for a police case, and their paths intertwine.

10. Princess Silver

It follows the story of a young woman named Rong Le, who wakes up from a coma without recollection of her memories. She is told she is the younger sister of the emperor Rong Qi of the Western Qi kingdom. To form a political alliance with neighbouring kingdoms, she is said to marry Zhongzheng Wuyou of the Northern Li Kingdom. Wuyou declines the marriage proposal without even meeting her. Instead of returning back to the kingdom, Rong Le decides to assume the identity of a tea house owner, Man Yao, to find out more about her real identity. She meets Wuyou disguised as Man Yao, and he falls in love with her without knowing that he has already rejected her. Rong Le goes on a journey to find out her real identity.