Article: Top 10 Chinese Rom-Com Dramas

Imagine this - a warm Sunday afternoon. You are finally done with the chores. It’s time to unwind, so you take out your laptop and go for an easy binge-watch. But what can be easier than a rom-com to watch? Here’s to your fruitful Sundays, so we present a list of the top ten Chinese dramas that will make your weekend worthwhile.

1. Hidden Love

Falling in love with the best friend of your brother is such a popular trope, but Hidden Love managed to capture its essence uniquely. If you aren’t falling for Duan Jiaxu and Sang Zhi’s chemistry, then the sibling duels of Sang Yan and Sang Zhi will surely make you roll out of your bed in laughter. The rivalry is realistic and sweet, and the romance makes the stuff even sweeter.

2. A Love So Beautiful

Welcome to a heartwarming tale of clumsy first love. This is a tale of Jiang Chen and Chen Xiaoxi as they go through life together amidst love, heartbreak, school, college, and careers. The youthful romance, and the comedic timing of the female lead, is so good that it was even adopted into a Korean remake!

3. Go Go Squid!

Perhaps the best thing about this drama is the backdrop of modern romance since it is two Esport stars falling in love with each other. Released in 2019, this Chinese drama will make you root for the characters as they navigate into the tough competition. But don’t worry, it does have its fair share of comedic moments.

4. My Amazing Boyfriend

The plot centers around the life of Tian Jing Zhi, a translator. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she unintentionally encounters Xue Ling Qiao, a superhuman who was frozen for centuries. This fantasy twist is sure to keep you glued to your seat, and if not, then its second season is also ready to serve you.

5. Love O2O

This follows the story of two college students who fall in love virtually through online gaming. The dynamics of their relationship are pure gold, and so are the time-to-time comedic moments. The online game setting is fantastic, too. If you are up for a drama to reminisce about your college days, go for it!

6. Meteor Garden

Who can get over the most popular ‘F4’? From the original Japanese one to the adaptations in Korean, Thai, and Chinese, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has ruled hearts worldwide. Of course, the Chinese adaptation called ‘Meteor Garden’ did meet the expectations. It had a different campus setting rather than the typical school setting, so be prepared for one unique ride!

7. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The plot centers around Si Tu Mo, a young university student studying accounting. She meets Gu Wei Yi, a bright computer science student noted for his intellect and aloof demeanor. Their relationship progresses from friendship to affection when they become housemates. If you like romance tropes that center on forced proximity, this drama is for you.

8. Skate Into Love

Now that we have already seen two dramas about Esports, we now move to a highly acclaimed drama about physical sports. Tang Xue dreams of being a professional ice skater, and Yu Bing is a skilled hockey player. Together, they navigate through their love life as they chase their dreams and aspirations.

9. Perfect And Casual

The protagonists of this narrative are the stern and cold Professor Zhang Si Nian and the bright yet clumsy Yun Shu. Si Nian turns out to be her university lecturer, and soon, due to a string of errors, they become roommates unintentionally. This drama has all - forbidden love, age gap romance, and forced proximity trope - making this drama for everyone.

10. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

The classic way to end a list is to keep the classic at the very last. A beautiful female alien crash lands on Earth and cannot return to her planet. She then encounters a cold and stoic, and soon they get entangled in a whirlwind of romance. This drama gained worldwide recognition for its quirkiness in a science fiction setting, so make this a part of your watchlist immediately.