Article: Top 10 Most Awarded K-Pop Groups In Music Shows

Korean music shows are an essential aspect of the K-pop industry since they provide a venue for K-pop performers to display their talent and engage with fans. These shows often include live performances, chart rankings, and artist interviews. The most well-known Korean music shows include Music Bank, Show! Music Core, Inkigayo, and so on. Of course, it is a big deal for any group to win awards at these prestigious shows, so here is a list of the most awarded groups till now.

1. BTS

This is not a surprising element in the list. This seven-member group is globally famous, but it has also made waves in the domestic scenario. The most captivating point of BTS is their diverse choreography, followed by energetic performances on stage. To top it off, their adorable and charming personalities make them worthy of every single award till now.

2. Twice

They are ‘Nation’s Girl Group’ for a reason! Twice’s upbeat and cheerful music makes them a favorite of everybody. Their catchy music is an earworm and will remain stuck in your head for days. No wonder why they won SOTYs thrice in a row with ‘Cheer Up’, ‘Signal’ and ‘What Is Love?’.

3. EXO

The most significant credit that should go to EXO is popularizing the Hallyu wave worldwide. This Korean-Chinese group is beloved for their songs ‘Love Shot’, ‘Ko Ko Bop’, ‘Monster’, and ‘Growl’. The solo works of the members are also a delight to watch; hence, you can believe that the number of awards keeps on increasing conveniently.

4. Girls Generation

Before Twice, there was this group of cute and sexy ladies who ruled (and still rule) every Korean’s hearts. You are not an OG kpop fan if you haven’t danced listening to ‘Gee’. Or if you have not accepted ‘Into The New World’ as your anthem. The group has a beautiful history of more than fifteen years, and they still thrive today, so more awards are sure on the way!

5. Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s unique point is their balance they keep between ‘Red’ and ‘Velvet’ concepts. They are noted for their musical plurality, smoothly transitioning from pop, R&B, hip-hop, and electronic dance music (EDM). Summers always get better due to the bright bops they release timely. However, within the cheerful music lie cryptic theories, so this makes their discography even more intriguing.

6. BigBang

Every current group you see in this industry was once inspired by this legendary group. BigBang are kings. They brought in unique hair colors, and they brought in the light sticks that are so prevalent today. They made us dance to ‘Bang Bang’, and they made us cry to ‘Still Life’. So definitely, it isn’t surprising if the kings have so many awards.

7. GFriend

‘Soft’ and ‘Memorable’ are words that I associate with this group. Even though they disbanded in 2021, leaving everyone heartbroken, their music can never be forgotten. Summers became notable due to ‘Me Gustas Tu’, and winters became unforgettable due to ‘Rough’. Their songs, complemented well by the members’ vocals, quickly drove every fan into an emotional mess.

8. SHINee

Korean schools had once banned ‘Ring Ding Dong’ because it was so catchy and gets stuck in your head easily. It isn’t just about this only song. SHINee had this ability to make the catchiest bops with ease. No wonder every fan knows ‘Replay’ and ‘Lucifer’ by heart. Sure, these bops need to be admired, and henceforth, they have so many awards at hand.

9. Blackpink

They are a revolution in your area. They are Blackpink, captivating people left and right from Seoul to Coachella. Even though they have a few title tracks in hand, the songs are so well produced that they do not fail to snatch awards every time they come back. Their strong and badass aura deserves all these awards.

10. Seventeen

In 2016, they ruled us with ‘Very Nice’. Today, even after seven years, they managed to rule over us with ‘Super’. And it’s worthwhile to mention that ‘Very Nice’ still echoes in every fan’s heart. The thirteen-member group is known for its synchronized performances and self-composed music, so no wonder they are so highly rated and so highly awarded.