Article: Top Ten Chinese BL Actors

Boy Love concept has been dominating Asian dramas recently. Everyone is addicted to the romance between a male and another male because they look adorable. Chinese dramas have also made progress in this concept, and fans can’t get enough. We love the chemistry between the actors, which gives us butterflies all over again. These concepts promote inclusivity in the LGBTQ+ community, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Below are ten of the Chinese BL actors:

1. Jiang Zi Le 

Jiang Zi Le is a Chinese actor also known as Danny Jiang. This 26-year-old actor has a promising BL portfolio with tv shows like Till Death Tear Us Apart, and Love is More Than A Word, Butterfly Lovers, etc. He is well known for his role in Till Death Tear Us Apart.


2. Yan Yikuan 

Yan Yikuan is a well-known Chinese actor who is also known as Kevin Yan. He is famous for his roles in The Prince of Qin, The Last Princess, Mazu, The Three Heroes and Five Gallants, and many more. He starred in a BL series alongside actor Danny Jiang called Till Death Tear Us Apart.


3. Xiao Zhan 

Xiao Zhan is a famous Chinese actor and singer. He debuted with the boyband X Nine. He is famous for his roles in The Untamed, Joy of Life, The Wolf, Duoluo Continent, and the Oath of Love.


4. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo is a multitalented Chinese singer, dancer, actor, TV host, and professional motorcycle racer. He got famous through the BL series The Untamed, where he starred alongside actor Xiao Zhan. His well-known roles include Love Actually, Legend of Fei, and Luo Yang.


5. Gong Jun

29-year-old Simon Gong is a Chinese actor. He gained popularity with his role in Lost Love In Times, Begin Again, and Word of Honor. He acted in a BL series called Advance Bravely alongside actor Jason Xu. It is considered one of the best BL series in China.


6. Zhang Zhe Han

Zhang Zhe Han is a well-known Chinese actor and singer. He gained attention with his role in Legend of Ban Shu Legend of Yunxi, The Blooms of Ruyi Pavillion, and Word of Honor. Word of Honor is his BL role which gained a lot of attention and is considered one in the best BL series of China.


7. Gao Hanyu 

Gao Hanyu is a Chinese actor and singer. He is also known as Kido Gao. His BL role in SCI mystery gained attention which is a sci-fi thriller series where two policemen team up to solve cases. It is one of the well-known BL series in China.


8. Ji Xiao Bing

34-year-old Ji Ciao Bing is a Chinese actor. He debuted with his role in Family Reunion. He is well known for his romance roles in Nice To Meet You and You Are The Miracle. He starred alongside actor Gao Hanyu in the BL series SCI mystery, which gained a lot of attention.


9. Xu Wei Zhou 

Xu Wei Zhou is a famous Chinese singer-songwriter, and actor. He is famous for his role in the popular BL series, Addicted. He starred alongside actor Johnny Huang and their chemistry was swoon-worthy. He was the first from mainland China to hold a concert in South Korea.


10. Johnny Huang Jing Yu

29-year-old Johnny Huang is a Chinese actor and model. He gained recognition after his roles in Addicted, Operation Red Sea, and The Thunder. He played a BL role in the series Addicted alongside actor Xu Wei Zhou which gained a lot of popularity. They were shipped by fans after the series.