Article: Top Ten Chinese Celebrities Who Fell In Love On Set

Chinese dramas have beautiful storylines with the most beautiful cast. Their unreal chemistry on set makes us fall in love with them. Some of these couples have real chemistry and end up dating each other. Below are ten Chinese celebrities who fell in love on set:

1. Guan Xiao Tong And Luhan

Guan Xiao Tong and Luhan met on the set of the sports romance drama Sweet Combat. He announced that he was dating his costar through social media. They faced backlash at first but many fans showered them with their love and support as well. They dedicate sweet birthday posts to each other year.


2. Ivy Shao And Chris Wu

Ivy Shao and Chris Wu met on the set of The Perfect Match. Even though they started dating after the show, they broke up later and continue to remain friends. They started dating again as pictures of the couple attending a musical circulated.


3. Chen Xiao And Michelle Chen

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen fell in love on the set of The Romance Of The Condor Heroes in 2014. They eventually started dating in real life and got married in 2016. Their wedding banquet was held thrice in Anhui, Taipei, and Beijing. They also have a baby boy together named Chen Mu Chen.


4. Luo Jin And Tiffany Tang

Luo Jin and Tang Yan filmed multiple dramas together including Again X, Diamond Lover, The Way We Were, Princess Weiyoung, etc. They broke up and patched up a couple of times and finally got married in 2016. They had a lowkey marriage in Vienna, Austria and have a baby daughter together.


5. Zhao Liying And Feng Shaofeng

Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng starred together in The Monkey King 3. Dating rumors sparked at the same time as the public noticed their amazing chemistry. Despite being shot multiple times on dates they dodged any rumors. They officially announced their marriage in 2018 through social media. They received massive love and congratulations from their fans.


6. Wallace Huo And Ruby Lin

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin met on the set of Sound of Colors. They were long-time best friends who turned into lovers. They had a ten-year friendship. They went public about their relationship and got married in Bali, Indonesia. He had a crush on her since Sound of Colors but couldn’t confess because he didn’t want to ruin the friendship. They are happily married for three years now and have a baby daughter.


7. Ma Ke And Danni Wang

Ma Ke and Wang Dan Ni met on the set of Sweet New Business. They had been married for a long time and pregnancy news was confirmed by Ma Ke after two years of marriage. They had their first newborn in 2019 named “little pineapple” on social media.


8. Janice Wu And Zhang Yujian

Wu Qian and Zhang Yu Zian starred together in the historical fantasy series An Oriental Odyssey. They were shipped by fans after witnessing their chemistry. Le Coupe De Foudre was another one of their dramas together. Fans were delighted when they heard the actors started dating in real. Zhang Yu Zian confirmed that they were married and had a kid together.


9. Gao Yuanyuan And Mark Chao

Gai Yuanyuan and Mark Chao starred alongside each other in the drama Caught in the Web. She played the role of a terminally ill patient who is dependent on the kind Yang Shoucheng played by Mark. They got married in real life in 2014.


10. Nicky Wu And Liu Shishi

Nicky Wu starred alongside Liu Shi Shi in the series Scarlet Heart. They developed feelings for each other in real despite their seventeen-year age gap which was confirmed publicly. They got married and have a baby boy together.