Article: Top Ten Chinese Actors With Abs

Celebrities establish a presence in the entertainment industry using talent and look. Many actors emphasize their manliness by displaying their well-defined abs whenever they can. Chinese male actors continuously impress fans with abs and their workout routines. Here is a list of the top ten Chinese actors who possess impressive abs:

1. Lay Zhang

Lay Zhang is a model and rapper of the boy band EXO. Zhang has starred in many movies and dramas, like 'Go Fighting,' 'Kung Fu Yoga,' and Operation Love.' Lay Zhang possesses and impressive physique. He can maintain it through dance routines and HIIT workouts.

2. Zhi Wei

Zhao Zhi Wei is an actor and former member of the C-pop band SpeXial. Zhi Wei became well-known after starring in the dramas like 'Men With Sword,' 'Youth,' 'Hotel Interns,' and 'Please Love Me.' He has an admirable body and confidently showcases it. In the C-drama 'Take Your Mark'- Zhi Wei played the role of s swimming coach.

3. Li Xian

Chinese actor Li Xian started his acting career in 2012 in the movie 'Feng Shui.' He is also well-known for his roles in 'Soul Snatcher' (2020), 'The City of Fantasy' (2014), and the sports drama 'Go Go Squid!' (2019). Li Xian often shares his fitness videos on social media, showcasing his beautiful physique with eight-pack abs.

4. Yang Yang

Yang debuted in the Entertainment industry in 2010 with the drama 'The Dream of Red Mansions.' H gained fame for his roles in tv series like 'You Are My Glory' (2021), 'The Lost Tomb,' 'Who Rules the World' (2022), and 'Glory of Spatial Forces (2022). He is also the brand ambassador of Puma China. Yang updates his photos on social media, where he flaunts his muscles and abs.

5. Eddie Peng

Eddie Peng is well-known for starring in the dramas like 'Invader,' 'Sound of the Desert' (2014), 'The Concerto (2009), and 'Scent of Love' (2003). Peng is also renowned for his muscular body and his dedication to fitness.

6. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo confidently reveals his muscular body, exposing his arms and abs. He maintains his physique with his fitness routine, including dancing and hip-hop. Wang Yibo is well-known for appearing in the dramas like 'Golden Juney,' 'Faith Makes Great,' and 'Legend of Fei.'

7. Jiang Chao

Jiang Chao began his singing career in 2010 with a local singing competition. He also starred in the dramas like 'The Heiress (2020), 'Young Shield,' and 'My Robot Boyfriend' (2019). Jiang is an experienced Latin Dancer and possesses impressive abs. He reveals his abs in the C-drama 'Heart to Heart.'

8. Chen Xuedong

Chen Xuedong, also known as Cheney Chen, is an idol, model, and fitness expert. Chen starred in the dramas like 'Precious,' 'Decoded,' and 'Brilliant Class 8.' Chen possesses a muscular body and eight-pack abs. He has a low-key personality.

9. Zhang Zhehan

Zhang Zhehan, born in 1991, is an actor and singer under Pulin Productions. Zhehan debuted in 2015 with the C-drama 'Legend of Ban Shu.' Zhang Zhehan has a perfect physique with six-pack abs and beautiful looks. He has maintained his body well and showoffs his muscles at photo shoots.

10. Vin Zhang

Vin Zhang is a gym enthusiast and shows his fans his physique and muscular body during swimming sessions. Vin Zhang charmed his fans with his trim and tall looks in the c-drama 'I Will Never Let You Go.'