Article: Top 10 Enemies To Lovers C-Dramas To Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

What is that one trope that always makes your heart skip a beat, and why is that trope enemies-to-lovers? Chinese dramas are best for showcasing the protagonist's love story that starts with hate. Enemies-to-lovers have the stage where the lead chemistry is seen at the most.

1. My Little Princess 

My Little Princess describes the story of a wealthy heiress, Lin Xing Chen, who has pressure to get married to her family. She tries to gain the attention of another rich elite student, Zheng Chu Yao. However, due to her misunderstanding, she takes Jiang Nian Yu as Zheng Chu Yao and tries to follow him.

2. My Amazing Boyfriend

My Amazing Boyfriend describes the story of Xue Ling Qiao, a mutant man with supernatural powers roaming the earth for 500 years. He was trapped and put to sleep for 150 years but was woken up by the girl, Tian Jingzhi. He wants revenge, so he forcefully starts to live with her and annoys her.

3. Road To Rebirth 

Road To Rebirth describes the story of Sun Xia Ai, who was swayed by her cousin to become the personal housemaid of the hot celebrity, Su Xing. At first, both bicker a lot, but as Sun Xia Ai spends more time with him, she gets to know his side that nobody knows, and it’s beautiful that she fails to keep her feelings to herself.

4. Skate To Love

Skate InTo Love tells the story of Li Yubing, a famous quarterback ice hockey player in his college. He didn't expect to meet his classmate, Tang Xue, in college. Tang Xue is a speed skater who is mischievous. She teased him as he used to get afraid easily in school. What happens when the school quarterback and his past bully collide, and something magical might happen but not spontaneously?

5. Love Designer 

Love Designer is the story of two hot-head people who just want to focus on their careers but are forced to work together despite their irrelevance. Zhou Fang is a fashion designer, and Song Lin works in the e-commerce industry. Due to some commercial lawsuits, they need to work together and find a solution to the problem.

6. The Trick Of Life And Love

The Trick of Life and Love is an exciting drama to watch. It is about CEO Ning Cheng Ming, who gets into a bad accident and loses his memories. He was saved by Li Qian, a girl from his past who used to be a witty student, and he hated her. When he wakes up, she pranks him by posing as his fiance. But he is not as easily tricked and starts to suspect her.

7. My Love, Enlighten Me

My Love, Enlighten Me is the story of once a pop star Nuan Nuan. She is kind-hearted and joyful when it comes to singing and dancing. However, she was forced to leave her career as the girl group she debuted disbanded the night of the group’s debut. She crossed paths with a sound and light engineer, Han Che, and life took a turn for both of them.

8. Love In Time

Love In Time describes the story of Su Jia Nan, who put her everything into making her career as a successful writer. Her past was not good, and her present is better, so she wants no problem to hinder her life. She gets caught up in her family’s issues but stands up for herself. She asks for help from her former high school classmate, Lu Bo Yan, the CEO of a successful investment company. Both enter into a contract marriage.

9. Dating In The Kitchen

Dating In The Kitchen is a love story between a chef and her boss. Gu Sheng Nan is an underestimated junior chef in the Zijing Hotel where she works. But her cooking skills impress her soon-to-boss, Lu Jin, who has a sharp tongue. But their first encounter was bad as Sheng Nan landed on the bad side of her soon-to-be boss.

10. Meeting You Loving You

Meeting You Loving You is a wholesome drama with every trope you will find. Su Zhi Nian is a transfer student who has hidden powers. He saves himself and Song Qing Chun from the bullies. But he finds out the power doesn't work if she touches him. He erases her memory of the incident. They meet again after four years, and a misunderstanding arises between them. But they have to live and work together, which makes their life complicated or magically exciting to find out.