Article: Top Ten Japanese Celebrities Those Are Famous For Being Infamous

Celebrities are surrounded by scandals all the time. Some consist realism in it, and some don't. Some personalities came into the spotlight only after their negative publicity, but it says well that any marketing, whether it's positive or negative, it’s marketing eventually. Let’s see some such Japanese celebrities.

1. Johnny Kitagawa 

Johnny Kitagawa was the president of one of the most powerful talent agencies in Japan. A magazine has issued a tabloid in which he was blamed for sexually abusing young boys who previously used to work for his agency. The magazine also claimed that some previous agency members revealed that he didn’t pay them checks and abused them as minors.


2. Noriko Sakai

Noriko Sakai is a famous Japan-based singer and actress. She was intensively popular in the early 80s for her innocent image and hit works. But, In 2009, the most shocking revelation happened when her husband got arrested for drug charges. He revealed Noriko’s involvement in the drug case. And on the investigation, a small amount of stimulant was discovered in their apartment.


3. Shinsuke Shimada 

Shinsuke Shimada is one of the most famous and successful Japanese entertainers and comedians. In 2004, a female employee accused him of sexual assault. But, he managed to get through it with his rich contacts. But, In 2012, he again captured the limelight when some messages circulated on the internet exposing his affair with the fourth most-powerful leader of Yamaguchi-Gumi, Hirofumi Hashimoto.


4. Mamoru Samuragochi 

Mamoru Samuragochi is a Japan-based music composer. He is one of the most successful and loved musicians of all time. But In 2014, a shocking revelation came when Takashi Niigaki, a lecturer, stated that he was the one composing most of the tracks whose credit was given to Mamoru. He also revealed that Mamoru was exaggerating his deafness to maintain his Beethoven reputation. Mamoru later admitted the deafness allegation.


5. Harada Ryuji 

Harada Ryuji is a famous Japan-based actor. In 2019, he came into the limelight when, it was revealed that despite being married with two kids, he was having affairs with multiple women.


6. Ai Kago 

Ai Kago is a Japan-based former singer and actress. In 2006, she gathered the spotlight when she got suspended from the agency for underage smoking. In 2007, she was again spotted smoking and this time near an onsen with a guy 18 years older than her. And soon after this news, she was dismissed from her agency.


7. Nakamori Akina 

Nakamori Akina is a Japan-based singer and actress. In 1989, there were rumors that Akina’s boyfriend Masaniko Kondo was cheating on her with her main rival Matsuda Seiko. Hearing the news, Akina broke down and attempted suicide at Kondo’s apartment.


8. Uehara Takako 

Uehara Takako is a Japan-based pop singer, actress, and host. In 2014, she came to the limelight when her husband TENN committed suicide because she was having an affair with Abe Tsuyoshi, who was also married.


9. Yoshizawa Hitomi 

Yoshizawa Hitomi is a Japan-based former singer and actress. In 2018, she got arrested for a hit-and-run case where she was driving under the influence of alcohol and left two people injured.


10. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi 

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is a Japan-based actor, singer, host, and former member of the boy band SMAP. In 2009, he got arrested for public indecency at Minato, Tokyo. He got drunk and danced naked in the park.