Article: Top 10 Rom-Com Korean Movies For A Bad Day

Everyone has their own set of bad days. Things might get overwhelming at work, or it might be due to academic stress. One of the best ways to unwind is by watching a comfort movie. Usually, the romantic-comedy genre is preferred in these cases, and trust me, the Korean industry has already conquered this arena. So, here is a list of the top 10 Korean Rom-Com movies that might help you step away from the challenges of the day.

1. On Your Wedding Day

It follows the story of Wooyeon and Seunghee, who witness their first love and heartbreaks with each other but get reunited again and again. The romance is cute, the actor's comedic timing is the icing on the cake, and the bittersweet ending will always remain unforgettable. People come and go in your life; some stay longer than others, but others have such an impact on you that they end up changing your life for the better, and this film vividly conveys this idea.

2. Love 911

A love story between a stoic firefighter and a suicidal doctor, this movie breaks all the boundaries of cliched, cringy romance. At first glance, this might seem like a heart-wrenching plot, but fret not; it has a perfect blend of funny moments and sweet romance. The emotional depth is genuinely healing for a lousy day at work. Moreover, Jungkook of the worldwide popular group BTS had even recommended this movie.

3. Scandal Makers

Nam Hyunsoo hosts a famous radio show, so his popularity still skyrockets in the celebrity world. So, when his illegitimate daughter comes to meet him, the stakes are high. A family comedy, intertwined with subtle romances and a simple plotline, this will become your comfort drama of all times. The best part of the movie is the child actor, who can win anyone’s hearts with his adorable smile and goofy antics.

4. The Dude In Me

Chaos ensues as a 40-year-old gangster gets his soul swapped with a high school bullied student. It even gets more hysterical as the gangster’s wife and daughter get involved in this mess. This is a great action-packed movie with humor and misunderstandings sprinkled in it. B1A4 Jinyoung didn’t just serve with his visuals but also delivered well with his acting. If you want to watch a movie that would make you laugh and cry, you have found your soulmate here.

5.  You Are My Pet

Ji Eunyi takes the homeless dancer Kang Inho into her house on one condition- he is supposed to act like her pet. As absurd as it sounds, the over-the-top acting of the cast makes it even funnier. The sexual tension radiating from this unusual couple is a cherry on top. This movie is a comfort movie for rainy days, most probably because Eunyi found Inho on a rainy day only!

6. 200 Pounds Beauty

Hanna Kang is a ghost singer for the famous pop singer Ammy, who simply lip-syncs the songs. Despite having a beautiful voice, Hanna hides behind the screen because of her insecurity as an overweight girl. Things take a turn when she decides to go through extensive plastic surgery. Despite several of her flaws, Hanna’s endearing sincerity will make you root for her throughout the movie. For your bad days, this movie is a perfect reminder to stay true to yourself no matter what.

7. My Sassy Girl

A chance encounter between Gyeon-woo and a mysterious girl sets off a complicated love story filled with highs and lows. Despite their quirky interactions and challenges, they fall deeply in love. The characters are unique and different from the typical male and female leads we expect to see in a romantic movie. It was such a superhit in 2001 that it now entails several remakes of different languages, including an Indian one.

8. Baby And Me

Jang Keunsuk has probably mastered the genre of romantic comedy. So, if he hadn’t already stolen your heart in You Are My Pet, here he will as a delinquent high school student. His interactions with the baby of an unknown mother will surely melt your heart into a puddle. It is a good, light-hearted movie as you will struggle to either laugh at or pity the male lead’s fate as a single father.

9. Seducing Mr Perfect

Minjune, who believes in pure love, meets Robin Heiden, her new employer, who views love as a game of power. She finds she prefers her true, unguarded self as she adopts his strategy. Over time, she teaches Robin that love is all about authenticity, and their genuine, emotional relationship ends happily as a result. If you ever doubt about the acting in this movie, you must remember that the immensely talented Uhm Junghwa is the lead actress here. Also, one bonus point is the Korean-English dialogue that transverses through the movie.

10. A Werewolf Boy

Who can ever get tired of Park Boyoung’s films? Add the teen Song Joongki to the movie, and it will surely be a blockbuster. As the title suggests, it is about the trials and tribulations of a family who tended to a feral boy, Chul-soo. The fantasy genre added to this bittersweet movie makes it an immediate stand out. Even if it was about a werewolf boy, the human emotions of love, affection, and longing were intricately stitched in the movie.