Article: Top 10 Fan-Favorite Shows Of K- Pop Idols

Korean idols are well-known for being influential performers with great vocal and rap abilities and outstanding dance skills. What puts the cherry on top is their unfiltered and natural comedic sides. Their variety shows are great to discover more about your favorite idols and idol groups. Idols have their variety shows where they play games, show different concepts to their fans, and discuss their personal lives. Here are the ten idol variety shows that fans love:

1. Going Seventeen

Going Seventeen began in 2017 with behind-the-scenes footages of the group. But it has slowly transitioned into a full-jammed comedy show. Going Seventeen brings laughs with every episode. The thirteen members of the group are always having fun and be absurd in every episode. They have done horror series, mafia games, sketches, water activities, bungee jumping, sports, and many more.

2. Run Bts!

The famous idol show started in 2015, and with over 150 wholesome episodes, it has provided its viewers with great laughs. The show let us know each member better through their actions. In Run BTS! The members have done many challenges; they have played games, designed clothes, cooked, and even collaborated with Korea’s top gamers. Fan favorite episodes are “BTS vs. Zombie,” “BTS School,” and “Photo Story.”

3. Time To Twice

TWICE’s show, TIME TO TWICE, is packed with games and talks. Every show episode has a different theme, ranging from karaoke to camping trips, new year festivals, and many more. It makes the audience feel like TWICE is your regular group of nine friends with different dynamics that go well with each other.

4. To Do! TXT

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s show TO DO has gained massive fame since its start in 2020. TO DO is perfect to get to know more about the members’ individual and group dynamics. Most of the series is split into two different episodes with many themes. They are indeed a fun group to watch and have great chemistry with each other.

5. GOT7's Hard Carry

GOT7 have always been known for being one of the funniest groups, and having their show gave them more freedom to unleash their inner craziness. Premiered in 2016, the show has many episodes and even a spin-off show, Real GOT7. It has many fun episodes of the members doing fun activities together and bonding.

6. 24/365

BLACKPINK’S show 24/365 is a must-watch for BLACKPINK fans or blinks. It is a go-to watch for a daily dose of the four girls. The show comprises Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa in their natural and candid moments. The episodes feature behind-the-scenes footage, games, and individual vlogs.

7. Ikon Tv

From YG’s group iKON, this show has been a fan favorite since it started in 2018. It shows the group members in their natural elements and their natural bond with each other. It also gives an in-depth look at their personal lives and chemistry with the other members.

8. NCT Life

NCT’s reality show is about the members’ lives in different cities and various locations in the world. Starting from Bangkok, the show has shown NCT in Osaka, Gapyeong, and even Chiangmai. It has ten seasons to show the members’ personal and professional lives. Members show their daily life in between hectic schedules, traveling, and recording music as well as going through different challenges and fun games.

9. Codename: Secret Itzy

Codename: Secret ITZY is a web series to celebrate the second anniversary of ITZY. It premiered in 2021, and fans couldn’t get enough of the loud, fun, and purely chaotic girls. The five group members have fun doing challenges, quizzes, and games.

10. Monsta X-Ray

Monsta X-Ray is the perfect way to learn more about Monsta X. Although they are known to be fierce performers and great artists, it shows their comedic sides. The show has three seasons and includes many episodes of bizarre challenges and meme-worthy moments. Fan favorites are “Working at a Daycare,” “The Epic K-drama Performance,” and their collaborative episode with BTOB.