Article: Top 10 Korean Idols Who Are Great At Variety Shows

Korean variety shows are one of the best means of entertainment, and something that makes them more appealing is that our favorite idols are usually invited as guests or are the hosts of the show. K-pop idols are known for their talents in singing, dancing, songwriting, acting, etc. Some K-pop idols are known for their sense of humor, wit, and entertaining side. We see them showing their relaxed side on variety shows and expressing their personalities which makes it enjoyable to watch. Here is a list of Korean idols who are great at variety shows, and you can guarantee they will make your day.

1. SHINee Key

Kim Ki Bum is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter, actor, and television presenter. The idol is known for being a versatile idol with a bold and outspoken personality which is a crucial factor for variety shows. Key is loved by many as he speaks his mind, is very unfiltered, and his quick-witted comments. His appearance on variety shows like Amazing Saturday, I live Alone, and Jessi’s Showterview has caught the attention of many people for his facial reactions and creative comments that make it entertaining to watch.

2. SEVENTEEN Seungkwan

Boo Seung Kwan is a South Korean singer, entertainer, and member of the boy group SEVENTEEN. He is called Professor Boo for his vast knowledge of K-pop and is well-known as an entertainer who turns every situation into a comedy. He is one of the funniest among his group members and is quite observant, waiting for the right time to comment or tease the members. The SEVENTEEN’s variety YouTube series, Going SEVENTEEN is where we get to see that he is full of energy and a comical person with a great sense of humor that makes us laugh.

3. Jessi

Jessica Ho is a South Korean-American rapper, singer, and entertainer based in South Korea. She is known for her sassy personality, boldness, and candidness, which makes her stand out as a variety show entertainer. She started gaining popularity after appearing in season one of Unpretty Rapstar, and she has starred in various shows like Sixth Sense and Law of Jungle. Her most famous variety show is Jessi’s Showterview, where she acts as a host interviewing Korean celebrities with no filter and unpredictable questions, making it fun to watch them.

4. Super Junior Heechul

Kim Heechul is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, full-time entertainer, and a part of the boy group Super Junior. He has appeared in several shows where he reveals his sense of entertainment, charming new fans with his activities as an entertainer. His savage replies and mimicry of people have had people laughing their asses off. He has received Excellence Award at the 13th SBS Entertainment Awards and the Top Excellence Award at the 14th SBS Entertainment Awards for Little Old Boy and Delicious Rendezvous.

5. EXO Kai

Kim Jong In, better known as Kai, is a South Korean model, actor, dancer, and singer part of the boy band EXO and SuperM. He was someone who used to feel uncomfortable on variety shows, and from the panty incident on the show Knowing Brothers. Kai then started opening himself up, showing his true self, and appearing on all variety series where fans get to see his funny and entertaining side. He became the first person to win the Best New Male Entertainer Award at the Blue Dragon Series Award.

6. Girl’s Generation Tae Yeon

Kim Tae Yeon is a South Korean entertainer, host, and singer part of the girl group Girls Generation. The singer in recent years has been a solo artist as they were on a hiatus, and the girl group just made their comeback after five years with their album FOREVER1. She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry, has appeared on many shows, and is now a cast member of Amazing Saturday.

7. SF9 In Seong

Kim In Seong is a South Korean entertainer and singer part of the boy band SF9 and is known as a loud and hyper person. He is the adrenaline boost of the group and one of the funniest members who shows off his goofy side on camera, making fans laugh. Seong is very quick-witted and hilarious, and his actions on shows are always priceless, and you cannot help but burst into laughter.

8. ATEEZ San

Choi San is a South Korean songwriter, dancer, actor, and singer part of the boy group ATEEZ. The group is not known for their variety show appearances as they have not appeared on many yet, but due to their comeback album Fever: Part3 in 2021, while promoting, they have been showing off their entertaining side. Especially member San has been showing off his goofy, funny, sharp responses, and his teasing of the members is entertaining to watch. He appeared on the shows like Amazing Saturday, Weekly Idol, and  Showterview showing his timing in creative comments, wit, and humor.

9. Golden Child Jangjuun

Lee Jang Jun is a South Korean rapper, host, lyricist, entertainer, and singer part of the boy group Golden Child. He is a popular member of the group who has appeared on many reality shows as a guest and host, where he has shown his natural ability to make people laugh. Jang Jun's funny expressions, jokes, witty responses, and pranks create vibes that match the show. He attracts people with his bright personality and has appeared on shows like The Shop Next to the Best, Weekly Idol, and Idol Diction Contest.

10. Mi Joo

Lee Seung Ah, better known as Lee Mi Joo, is a South Korean dancer, entertainer, singer, and former member of the girl group LOVELYZ. She is a rising female variety star who has been gaining attention for appearing on many major variety programs. Mi Joo appears on programs showing off her quirky, unfiltered, sassy side on camera, making fans laugh at her actions. She is often considered one of the funniest K-pop idols who never ceases to amaze fans with her sense of humor.