Article: Ten Favourite Quotes From Hi Bye Mama

Five years after her death Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee) gets a chance to live as a human for 49 days. But things have changed over the years. Her husband, Cho Gang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung), is married to Oh Min Jeong (Go Bo Gyeol), and Yu Ri’s daughter Seo Woo (Seo Woo Jin) doesn’t know about her. During these 49 days, Yu Ri and the people around her learn many things. Here are a few quotes that reflect their pain, happiness, and learnings:

1. Someone more precious than myself

Yu Ri waited for five years to hold her daughter in her arms. Even as a ghost, she was always by her daughter’s side. She was contented looking at her daughter like this. But when Yu Ri realizes her existence as a ghost is affecting her daughter she is ready to give up her chance to live. The reason for this is someone she loved more than herself – her daughter.

2. Stepmoms are moms too

Min Jeong was coincidentally the in-charge nurse the day Seo Woo was born and the first person to hold her. Ever since she married Gang Hwa, Min Jeong has always been there for Seo Woo. Seo Woo loves her equally, and this is shown in the scene where Seo woo tells Yu Ri that her mom (Min Jeong) is her favorite person.

3. But I realized this after my death: My life was not entirely mine

During her time as a ghost, Yu Ri learns a lot, and this is one of them. The people around her changed entirely and their lives were never the same. All of them put on a happy face, but they grieved every day. In a particular scene where Yu Ri’s sister cries in secret tells us how much her sudden death affected her family and friends.

4. I only wanted one thing back then. I wanted you to put me behind you and go on with your life

Gang Hwa is devastated after Yu Ri’s death, but he finds hope in Min Jeong. When Yu Ri witnesses this as a ghost, she is happy for her husband and not angry at Min Jeong. It isn’t easy to forget someone you have loved for years. But Yu Ri knows what’s best for Gang Hwa and wants him to move on.

5. We could never possibly find a way to deal with goodbyes

Goodbyes are hard. This counts even when we prepare for it. Yu Ri’s death left everyone around her in shock. All of them wished that they should have had a chance to say a proper goodbye. But when Yu Ri came back, and they knew she might have to go, it wasn’t easy again. Maybe we never get used to parting.

6. They realized what matters in life….

The drama explores the lives of many spirits living with Yu Ri. All of them have their regrets. When the spirits see their families crying for them or wishing they had done what made them happy, they get to know what was important in their lives. Sadly, this realization happens after their death.

7. There are no tunnels without exits

We are devastated when something terrible happens. The only thing that keeps us going is the fact things will change. Gang Hwa, who had lost all hope in life, starts to live for his daughter, and Min Jeong is like a ray of sunshine who is always by his side. He needs to pass this dark road to reach the brighter side.

8. I had you when I was born, alive and dead

One thing Yu Ri realizes over time is that nothing remains the same. Her family might still remember her, but things have changed and they should. Yu Ri knows that she cannot claim things that belonged to her five years ago, even if it is her daughter. But she has someone who will always remain hers. Her mother.

9. If I had known the time given to us was this short, I would have treasured every insignificant moment

We often take things for granted. We don’t say the things we want and keep on postponing our plans. Yu Ri does the same and thinks about a beautiful tomorrow. So does Gang Hwa. She is filled with pain when she knows she cannot turn back time and fulfill all her wishes and promises.

10. Petals Fall but the Flower Endures

A beautiful line to end with. Yu Ri was a precious daughter, wife, friend, and mom. But she had to go when her time in this world ended. Like how the flower deals with its petals falling, we need to move on and bloom again. The scent of the petal remains, and so do the memories of a person.