Article: Top 10 4th Generation K-Pop Vocalists

Have you ever felt touched by someone’s singing? My favorite vocal moment of all time is Taeyeon singing ‘Fine’. The acapella can melt anyone into a messy puddle. Every genre of music has its favorite vocalists, and so does K-pop. K-pop has already gifted us with amazing vocalists in all the generations, but what about the trending 4th generation? Check out the top ten K-pop vocalists of this era.

1. Jongho

Jongho from ATEEZ is an incredible vocalist! His powerful voice can give you goosebumps, especially when he hits those high notes. But beyond his singing talent, he's also known for his down-to-earth and charming personality that shines through in interviews and variety show appearances. For his superior vocal performances, you should dive into Kingdom 2 to ascend to heaven.

2. Lily

Lily from NMIXX is a breath of fresh air in the K-pop scene. Her warm and relatable personality shines through, making her an instant favorite among fans. Whether she's dazzling us with her stage presence or sharing candid moments on social media, Lily's charm and down-to-earth vibes make her someone you can't help but root for in the industry. Amidst all these qualities, her best capability is hitting high notes effortlessly. Her cover of ‘Toxic’ is a personal favorite.

3. Sieun

Sieun from StayC is an absolute vocal powerhouse! Her singing is like a breath of fresh air, with a voice that's both sweet and powerful simultaneously. Whenever she takes the mic, you can't help but be captivated by her incredible vocal range and emotional delivery. Her soft, melodious tone makes songs like ‘Teddy Bear’ and ‘Stereotype’ efficiently catchy.

4. Ningning

The best way to know the capabilities of your bias is when she tries to mimic a voice crack. Meet Ningning, the youngest member of Aespa, yet one of the best vocalists SM Entertainment has ever produced. Her cover of ‘Maria’ in ‘Knowing Brothers’ will remain a fan favorite for ages.

5. Yunjin

Yunjin from Lesserafim is the kind of K-pop vocalist who truly stands out. What makes her exceptional is her background as an opera singer, and you can hear that influence in her singing. Her rich and potent vocals bring a unique and captivating dimension to K-pop, blending classical precision with modern pop sensibilities, and no wonder fans can't get enough of her mesmerizing performances.

6. Bora

One of the most trending vocalists today is Kim Bora from Cherry Bullet. She was a queen in ‘Girls Planet 999’ despite not making it to the debut group. Her audition in the survival show ‘Queendom Puzzle’ is one of the most powerful audition performances in the industry. Whether it's the high notes or soothing harmonies, Bora's vocals add that extra layer of magic to Cherry Bullet's songs, making them a delightful treat for your ears.

7. Goeun

Goeun from Purple Kiss is like the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to being a vocalist, but here's the kicker – she owns that center position, too! Her voice is like a mesmerizing spell, effortlessly belting out those high notes and leaving you with goosebumps. And on top of that, her stage presence and charisma are so magnetic that you can't help but be drawn right into the heart of the performance. It's like she's the perfect blend of vocal prowess and captivating stage magic.

8. Seoho

There is a reason why Hwanwoong called Seoho his ‘Hexagon Hyung’ - he is just so well-rounded! However, fans and non-fans know him for his vocal stunts. Trust me, give one chance to ONEUS’ Seoho’s vocals and you are never, ever going to be tired of it. They are like a warm blanket for a chilly night.

9. Sullyoon

NMIXX is a group that won’t disappoint you when it comes to vocals. With Lily, comes Sullyoon, who is both a visual and vocal genius. Sullyoon captivated everyone with her vocals in ‘Dice’ and ‘Love Me Like This’. They are surprisingly unwavering on stage, especially when she does the hard choreographies of her group.

10. Nayul 

Not many know about 12DAL’s Nayul. This underrated vocalist debuted in 2020 and can easily have the position of the best vocalist in this generation. Her signature mark is her ability to hold resonance with grace. Her covers of various songs are available on YouTube, so you shouldn’t miss out on such a star!