Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Have Their Own YouTube Channels

Korean celebrities have been going to YouTube to give fans an honest glance into their daily life. From self-created content like vlogs to professionally filmed videos like photoshoots or food shows, it may appear that they never have a dull moment in their lives. They reveal their simple moments, on the other hand, which makes them even more endearing and helps fans to connect with their artists on a more human level. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Actors Who Have Their Own YouTube Channels.

1. IU

You could relive your memories of IU and her extraordinary performances on her channel if you missed them during her concerts. In addition, you may see some of the K-drama stars after her tour, when she is doing some serious online shopping, or as she celebrates her 12th anniversary in the industry, in a segment called IU TV.

2. Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon just reached One million subscribers in June. Seo Joon is known for his performances in dramas and movies and has a very charming personality off-screen. Most of his vlogs are related to his bb, Simba, mukbang sessions, or behind-the-scenes activities at work.

3. Hyeri

The fresh, fun energy Hyeri brings to her vlogs sets them different from others. She is consistently grounded and cheerful despite being one of the top stars in the Korean entertainment industry. At the moment, Hyeri has 1.46 million subscribers.

4. Lee Min Ho

Although Lee Min Ho only recently began his YouTube channel, he has already uploaded several diverse videos. We observe him going to shops, walking the streets, playing with his dog Choco, and doing other activities. The fans decided on the logo design for his channel.

5. Park Min Young

Park Min Young’s YouTube channel provides adorable, funny, entertaining, and lighthearted vlogs for fans to get a closer look at who she is in real life. She has not posted in a while, but we cannot wait to see her back on YouTube. She currently has 970,000 subscribers.

6. Ji Chang Wook

Ji ChangWook has a lot of videos on his YouTube channel with subtitles in 8 different languages. His most recent videos feature him camping and surfing. It also includes stunning photo shoots and behind-the-scenes videos of movies.

7. Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun, a member of Itaewon Class, enjoys working out seen on his YouTube channel. He also likes to go camping and play the guitar while traveling. You must see the Q&A video where he responds to fan queries!

8. Shin Se Kyung

The number of views for each video on Shin Se Kyung’s YouTube account averages one million. The actress said in an interview with the magazine when asked why she started her vlog. I frequently like cooking, so I wanted to document those times, and I believed it was a natural approach to show my fans my day-to-day activities while I’m on vacation.

9. Park Jin Joo

Park Jin Joo is known for her roles in It’s Okay To Be Not Okay, Hotel Del Luna, and While You Were Sleeping. She started her channel five months ago and got uploading vlogs about her daily life and cover songs! That’s right, she’s not only good at acting but also good at singing. Watch this video with almost two million views:

10. Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul launched her YouTube channel in 2019, where she gives her followers a glimpse into some of her daily routines. You may get gym routines, fashion advice, diet tips, and more. She provides authentic details of her everyday life on her channel, which is the best part of her content since it helps you forget that she is an actress.