Article: Top 10 Courtroom K Drama

The core of courtroom dramas is the justice system of Korea and the legal procedures. The courtroom dramas have a twist of comedy and romance that makes them exciting. These courtroom dramas feature evil prosecutors, righteous judges, and strong-headed lawyers. These series combine romance, comedy, thriller, action, and mystery. Among these courtroom dramas, there are both comedies and dramas. But all of the shows have legal issues involved. 

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The series brilliantly oscillates between humor and the struggles of the first ever autistic attorney in Korea. This ongoing drama presents the taboos in society in a light-hearted manner. It sheds light on the stigma around autism with many nerve-wracking scenes.


2. Suspicious Partner

A rigid prosecutor meets a clumsy intern who turns his life upside down when she becomes the prime suspect in the murder case of her boyfriend. The duo is determined to solve the mystery as romance blooms as they spend time together. The pair has to face a psycho serial killer on their path.


3. Doctor Lawyer

The story is about a female prosecutor. She has to deal with lies and disloyalties. The prosecutor is dealing with the loss of her brother and is disappointed that he died because of her fiance’s medical inability. The courtroom drama has a unique twist to it.


4. Big Mouth

A rising lawyer caught up in a web of lies. He is wrongly convicted. He survives through torture in jail. But to get out of jail, he pretends to be the killer and starts to rule the inmates. The courtroom drama is a perfect mix of mystery and action.


5. Why Her?

Oh Soo-Jae is a righteous and determined lawyer but faces a roadblock in her path. Then she meets Gong Chan, who has a special connection with Oh Soo-Jae and would go to any extent for her. The courtroom drama has a gripping plot and unexpected twists.


6. Your Honor

The series is about a set of events that changes the life of a convict. The convict who once spent his time in jail is now a judge. The series is about a convict given the role of a judge after the disappearance of his convict’s brother. 


7. Lawless Lawyer

The series is about a man witnessing his mother’s murder and deciding to take revenge. He becomes a lawyer that fights against gangsters to get justice for his mother’s death. The man is swift with his arguments and not easy to defeat.


8. Suits

The legal series is about an attorney taking chances of employing someone without a law degree but a photogenic memory. The series is an adaptation of the American series Suits. The Korean remake is the perfect combination of romance and mystery.


9. The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge Kang Yo Han is the chief judge. He is devoted and cruel. In dystopian South Korea, his court is the people’s court. The citizens get to take part in the judgment. It reveals immorality and selfishness for people to witness. 


10. Witch’s Court

A prosecutor is ready to go to any extent to win a case assigned to the department that deals with sex offenders. The series is about feminism and bureaucracy.