Article: 10 Versatile Thai Actors Who Shined In Both MLM And Non-MLM Dramas

The abilities of actors lie in the way they match each genre they decide to portray. Although recently more and more straight male actors are partaking in LGBTQ roles, that does not mean they are giving up on non-LGBTQ characters. Following are 10 Thai actors who have proven that they are good at playing both MLM (men loving men) and non-mlm dramas.

1. Win (Metawin Opas-iamkajorn)

Win is a well-known and talented actor. He gained explosive fame from playing the character of Tine in 2gether The Series. He went on to act in 2gether season 2 and 2gether the movie, establishing his place in the BL industry. However, he did not stay in one genre. He explored further both before and after. His famous MLF dramas include Devil Sister and Beauty Newbie. Beauty Newbie seems to be a Thai version of the Korean drama Gangnam Beauty. It is very sweet, and Win fits right in! His chemistry with both male and female artists shines a lot.

2. Bright (Vachirawit Chivaaree)

Bright is the other lead in the series. This was also his breakthrough, as no other 2020 drama received such international attention. The plot of the story was a fake-dating-enemies-to-lovers trope, which made it very easy for the general public to write. It was also very fluffy and sweet. In 2021, he went on to star in F4 Thailand, which is the Thai version of Boys Over Flowers. He plays the main role, or the leader of 'F4, who falls in love with the female lead. He can depict his lovesick face for both his male and female co-leads, which is a very helpful trait. He also starred in Astrophile as the main male lead. It is a lighthearted MLF romance story.

3. Saint (Suppapong Udomkaewkan)

Saint became a famous name in the Thai sphere after his roles in Love By Chance and Why R U? In both BLs, he shared very good chemistry with his leads. He is known for creating great relationship dynamics. His fame is shot through Love By Chance, which lightly touches on the very cute trope of a shorter boy falling for a taller boy. However, he always played a straight role on Let's Fight Ghost. His character has a supernatural ability to see ghosts, and as he tries to test them, he falls in love with a female spirit.

4. God (Itthipat Thanit)

2Moons The Series aired in 2017. It was one of the most successful BL dramas of the year. God Itthipat Thanit played the leading role in it. The title comes from the Thai University tradition of crowning students the 'Campus Moon," an elaborate way of calling someone popular. God plays the role of Phana or Pha. He is the campus moon, but he doesn't enjoy it. Love sparks when Pha reunites with a childhood friend at college. God also starred in the non-BL series “Hi, I'm Saori”. He plays the role of a man who falls in love with a robot. God stated he would stop doing BL projects, which is not a worry because he also shines in other drama genres.

5. Max Nattapol Diloknawarit

Max Nattapol became popular due to his role in Manner of Death. It is a BL, but mysterious. He is a medical examiner entrusted with discovering the manner of death in a homicide that looks like a suicide. In the process, he has to join forces with a very mysterious and handsome man, Tan. Tan convinces him that the two of them should team up to find the truth. He also played in Bangkok Love Stories 2, showing great chemistry with the female lead.

6. Gun (Atthaphan Phunsawat)

Gun acquired popularity through his role in The Theory of Love. It's a story about unrequited love between two university students. His character spends three years harbouring painful, unrequited love for his best friend and finally decides to stop after overhearing his best friend as he admits to playing with his feelings. It is when he stops that his friend realises his absence. The angst in the story is a classic heart-churner and will leave you wanting more. He also starred in another BL with the same co-lead called Not Me. He played in the non-Bl drama The Gifted and showed his acting ability irrespective of genre.

7. New (Thitipoom Techaapaikhun)

New's popularity rose with the success of the dramas Sotus, Water Boy, Our Skyy, and Dark Blue Kiss. He has appeared in many different BL and non-BL drama series. One of his non-Bl roles includes the main lead in I Need Romance 3. The story is about a fashion designer and a songwriter falling in love with each other.

8. Ohm Pawat (Pawat Chittsawangdee)

He is a Thai actor who became extremely popular after his leading role in Bad Buddy in 2021–2022. The story is sweet and full of chemistry between the main leads and deals with the enemies-to-lovers plot that is so beloved. He is an actor under GMMTV, and like most actors under the company, he has starred in both BLS and non-BLS films, such as An Eye for an Eye.

9. Singto (Prachaya Ruangroj)

From Sotus, He's Coming to Me, and Our Skyy to Friendzone, Singto is an actor with range. He is good at BL series with his natural ability to strike chemistry between himself and his co-lead, and at the same time, he is very good at non-BL dramas.

10. Nanon (Korapat Kirdpan)

He is a Thai actor renowned for his leading role in Bad Buddy. He brought his character to life and struck wonderful dynamics with his co-lead, Ohm Pawat. However, he has always done well in his non-BL drama, The Gifted. He is talented at acting and has gained huge popularity over the years for the various BLs. However, he proved that he is good at all genres.