Article: Top 10 K-Pop Acts With Flawless Discographies

The K-pop industry has, over the years, evolved a lot. What started as American pop music in the Korean language has now developed into its own genre that is no longer limited to pop. It's just the name. Right now, groups have received praise for how versatile they can be with their music and how many genres they can master while keeping the authentic touch of Korean pop. As globalisation increases, many groups are also aiming for various foreign markets, which has furthered K-pop's spread in terms of genres. Below are 10 K-pop groups that have mastered the portrayal of timelessness in their discography and have earned appreciation for having a 'no-skip discography.'


StayC is a six-member girl group under High-Up Entertainment. They have gained insane fame following their viral song ASAP which continues to be famous. However, fans have always believed them to have an unskippable discography with songs like Stereotype, Poppy, Teddy Bear, and their recent release ‘Bubble’.They are one of the few non-Big4 girl groups in the Korean industry that are doing well domestically and internationally.

2. EXO

It would be wrong to talk about flawless K-pop acts. EXO has received praise for having some of the best K-pop vocalists in the group and for retaining their flawless discography throughout their long career. Many call them ahead of their time because they have songs for everyone—"The Whole Kpop Industry," according to a fan. Indeed, they were very successful because of their songs.

3. TXT

Both 4th-generation girl groups and boy groups have shifted towards a more experimental genre of music, which may not be for everyone. TXT has shown experimentalism in their concept as one of the only groups that dabble in every single genre. They have a very youthful undertone and wonderful mixing, which remains consistent in all their songs as a 'signature, and they keep hopping from genre to genre without changing their sound. Thus, TXT’s fans, non-fans, critics, and the general public have praised them countless times for their discography. Rollingstone Korea stated in an article that TXT is "one of the few idol groups successfully carrying out the basic yet most difficult task of making good music."

4. Shinee

Shinee debuted in 2008 with their debut EP, Replay. Replay is a song that continues to be considered one of the best K-pop boy group debut songs. Throughout their career, they served various wonderful songs that earned them a lot of fame and popularity, making them one of the biggest K-pop groups of their time. Their signature style leaned more towards R&B and music, but like every other versatile K-pop group, they took part in more than one genre.

5. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is one of the leading third-generation K-pop girl groups. They are under SM Entertainment and have released various albums and EPs throughout their career. They are known for having a very deep storyline, and all their songs and music videos fit the same mould. They were one of the groups that started the trend for heavy concepts for K-pop girl groups. Songs like Peek-a-boo, Russian Roulette, and Zimzalabim gained insane popularity domestically and internationally. Their music style is unique as well. Thus, Red Velvet’s discography feels unlike any other.


If you want a complex storyline and a good discography, then Loona is the group for you. They have disbanded as of 2023 following their company's mistreatment of the members; however, their discography is undeniably flawless. Songs like So What, Butterfly, and Paint the Town all gained great popularity globally. They were popular as a 4th generation group even before K-pop’s 4th-generation officially began. Fans show a lot of love to LOONA for their music and concept, and they will continue to do so even as the members are being forced to break away from the group and venture further apart.

7. Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is one of the most special K-pop girl groups. They never made it domestically because their company is not from one of the Big Four. Furthermore, their music takes a different path from the mainstream. They have, however, always had a lot of international popularity. Their music style is unique and brings something new to the table. Their style is a mix of rock, pop-rock, R&B, jazz, and other unconventional sounds, often whimsical. They also have strong vocalists and Dami, one of the strongest K-pop rappers. If Dreamcatcher got their deserved recognition, they would have changed the K-pop industry forever.

8. New Jeans

Although New Jeans is a comparatively newer group, they have started dominating the national and international markets since their debut. It is not just their title song that has gained attention; all their songs blocked major charts for months because of how GP-friendly they are. They have been called the harbinger of a new era in K-pop and, thus, the beginners of the 5th generation. Their music is captivating, and they even charted on the Billboard Hot 100 because of how amazing they were. Hype Boy, their debut song, followed by attention and hurt from the same album, gained explosive popularity.

9. IVE

IVE is a six-member girl group under Starship Entertainment with Wonyoung and Yujin from the hit producer girl group IZ*One. They recently released their first full-length album which is full of hit songs. They have always been known for their wonderful title songs, with their debut song, Eleven, being an instant hit. Their first comeback, Love Dive, was not behind, as it was one of the best songs of the year. In their recent album, I've IVE, they have shown how they can embody each genre.

10. Lesserafim

Lesserafim is the Hybe girl group that debuted with Fearless and followed it up with their insane first comeback, Antifragile. Both songs went viral on platforms like TikTok and Twitter. However, they were not the only songs to go viral. Their EPs and albums were all very well-received. They received praise for their strong vocals and unique concept. Their concept embodies female strength, just like their concept; some songs are experimental while others are rnb. Their discography is thus renowned and critically acclaimed for being full of great songs, and it has garnered them a lot of attention and fans.