Article: Top Ten Backup Dancers’ Fancams That Went More Viral Than The Idol Ones

K-pop idols are beautiful, charming, and highly talented. They are usually the center of attention and get the center position that highlights their features. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the background dancers outrank the main highlight of the performance. Here are ten dancers that stole the idol’s limelight:

1. Emma 

Emma gained fame for her excellent dancing skills and beautiful hair. The dancer is known for her powerful moves. She participated in the show “Street Woman Fighter” with the team WANT. She has choreographed for KARD and other artists. Emma was a backup dancer for the song PING PONG by Hyuna and Dawn. She has garnered over 7.4 million views, as the artists  have 2 million views.


2. Noze 

Noze is a professional dancer and gained fame while competing in “Street Woman Fighter” as a part of WAYB. Noze created the viral “Hey Mama” dance. She was the backup dancer for KAI’s “mmmh” and has over 4.3 million views on it, while Kai has only 800 thousand views. She was also a backup dancer for BAD LOVE by Key. The fancam has 3.4 million views on it. Netizens gave her the nickname ‘Fancam viral queen.’


3. Honey J 

Honey J is a dancer, choreographer, and leader of the dance crew HolyBang. She competed in and won the show “Street Woman Fighter” and gained huge domestic fame as a dancer. She is best known for her choreography and worked as a backup dancer. She has a staggering 3.1 million views on her fancam of “Mommae” by Jay Park.


4. Monika 

Monika Shin is a dancer, choreographer, mentor, and professor of dance. She is the leader of the famous dance crew PROWDMON and is an inspiration to many young dancers. Her fancam of “Red Lipstick” by LeeHi went viral after she competed in the famous show “Street Woman Fighter.” The fancam has over 2.4 million views. Her best-known work is her Dr. Pepper choreography.


5. Choi Hyejin 

Choi Hyejin is a former YG dancer. She has worked closely with YG artists like BIGBANG, WINNER, and PSY. Her fancam of PSY’s “gentleman” went viral and has over 1.9 million views on it. She had also worked as a backup dancer for other artists like Jessi and Hyuna. She has a YouTube channel where she puts vlogs about her life as a dancer and has over one hundred fifty thousand subscribers.


6. Kwon Youngdeuk 

Half of the famous duo Kwon twins, Youngdeuk is a great dancer. The twins are known as a handsome duo with model-like features and excellent dancing skills. They are members of the HITECH dance team and work closely with YG Entertainment. Youngdeuk has over 1.8 million views on his fancam for “On the Ground” by Rose of Blackpink. His brother, Kwon Youngdon, has around eight hundred thousand views on his fancam of “On the ground.”


7. Ji-Hyang 

Ji-Hyang stole fans’ hearts after she appeared opposite EXOS’s Baekhyun in his song “Candy.” Fans praised the two for their amazing chemistry, and she quickly gained fame for her doll-like appearance, model face, and beautiful dancing skills. She appeared in Kang Daniel’s 2U music video. Her fancam of her as a backup dancer for “PING PONG” by Hyuna & Dawn went viral and had 1.9 million views.


8. Juhee

Juhee is a dancer, choreographer, and model who is known for her beautiful charms and graceful dancing skills. She is in the dance team AURA. She has choreographed many songs for K-pop idols and works closely with TVXQ, Sunmi, and JYP. She was the lead dancer for “Who’s Your Mama?” and “FEVER” by JYP and even appeared in the music video beside him. Her fancam for Sunmi’s “LALALAY“has garnered 1.8 million views. She was also a dance master on the survival show Girls’ Planet.


9. Choi Junyoung

Junyoung is a famous dancer, choreographer, and model. He has worked closely with Hwasa. He has been a backup dancer for many artists like BamBam, ASTRO, Wonho, KARD, B.I., A-Pink, Hyuna & Dawn, and many more. His fancam for Maria by Hwasa has over 1.6 million views. He has over one hundred ninety thousand followers on Instagram.


10. Cha Hyunseung

Hyunseung is a famous dancer and model. He made headlines after his performance with Sunmi for his fantastic physique. Their dance video for “24 HOURS” has over 7 million views. He is known as “Sunmi’s Hot Dancer.” Hyunseung also appeared in “Street Man Fighter,” “Be Mbitious,” and “Single’s Inferno.” His fancam of “LALALAY” by Sunmi has over 1.3 million views and over a million followers on Instagram.