Article: Top 10 Stunning And Stylish Mother-Daughter Jodi Of Thai

The beautiful bond of Mother-Daughter remains the purest relationship in the world. Mother is said to be the best friend of her daughter and guides her through both darker and happy times. We will be reading about the top 10 stunning and stylish Mother and Daughter Jodi of Thai in this article.

1. Yaya Urassaya Sperbund And Urai Sperbund

Yaya is known to be one of the most famous and talented actresses in the Thai entertainment industry. She rose to fame in 2010 with her role in Duang Jai Akkanee as a courageous, brave Jeed. Yaya, the ‘Queen of Presenters’ as she is called has several endorsements than any other actress.

The actress Yaya is very much close to her Mother, Urai Sperbund, as she goes everywhere with her. Yaya also took her Mother on a Vacation for two days in Myanmar back in 2019. Yaya’s Mother is her manager who works with her daughter and, both duos continue to mark their potent presence in the Thai entertainment industry.

2. Khemanit Jamikorn And Nuannong Jamikorn

Khemanit Jamikorn, widely known as Pancake, began her acting career at 17. She is not only a drama actress but also a fantastic singer and model. She has received many awards, including ‘Best Actress in Online Series’ at the prestigious “Nataraja Awards 2021” for her role in the drama ‘Mother’. She has appeared in several dramas and commercials.

Pancake and Mother Nuannong Jamikorn have been spotted hanging out together in many instances.  Nuannong is her manager who looks after all her schedules. They always look stylish and appealing concurrently.

3. Netapohn Tameeruku And Roungthong Temeerak

Netapohn Tameeruku, nicknamed Taew, is one of the most talented actresses in the Thai entertainment industry. She rose to fame after her appearance in a Television advertisement for the most prominent Chinese Dairy. She became a famous influencer for budding youth in China.

Taew is undeniably close to her Mother, Roungthong Temeerak, who goes everywhere with her in their astounding and marvelous attire. Many netizens look up to the fashion statement of the Mother-Daughter duo.

4. Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn And Angkana Jirayungyurn

Mew Nittha is one of the prominent actresses in the Thai entertainment industry. She has been cast in several dramas, especially for Channel 3. The actress gave birth to a baby girl on 12th September 2021.

Being a Mother herself, the bond between Mew and her Mother has deepened. Mew’s Mother, Angkana Jirayungyurn, is her manager and takes care of all her projects. Angkana even goes with Mew to work. It shows the closeness of the Mother-daughter relationship.

5. Nualpham Lamsam And Prang Nuanwan Phanchet

Nualpham Lamsam is one of the prominent figures in Thailand. She is the CEO of the Muang Thai Insurance. She also led Thailand’s women’s football team.

Netizens are amazed at the lavishing and decadent lifestyle of Mother and daughter. Prang Nuanwan Phanchet, the daughter of Nualpham Lamsam, had been appointed as the vice president of Port F.C., which is her Mother’s football club in the previous year. Both Mother and daughter have been spotted at many events, such as when Prang shared many graduation pictures with her mother on Instagram, in 2018. Both Mother-daughter leaves a lasting impression on the public’s minds with their ambitious and successful life.

6. Chalida Vijitvongthong And Ratchanok Vijitvongthong

Chalida Vijitvongthong, nicknamed Mint, entered the Thai entertainment industry at the age of 9 years old, appearing in several advertisements. She is prominently known for her role in Piengkwan in Suparburoot Juthathep.

Mint is undoubtedly close to her Mother and has been witnessed in many instances. Mint’s Mother, Ratchanok Vijitvongthong, takes care of her. Mint’s Mother always shows support to her in every project.

7. Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon And Pranee Vaithayanon

Kwam Usamanee Vaithyanon has been cast in several pertinent Asian magazines. She’s a great dramatic actor selected for acting at an earlier age due to her potential.

Kwam is a very warm-hearted person who loves to spend her free time with her Mother, Pranee vaithayanon. She prefers traveling to other countries with her Mother whenever she gets free time. Netizens love this gesture of Kwam and always want a daughter like her who gives time to her Mother; thus, this Mother-Daughter duo stands as unbeatable.

8. Davika Hoorne And RattanaKom Chomyong

Davika Hoorne, one of the most successful and pertinent actresses of her, decade stands as one of the leading actresses in the Thai entertainment industry. She is known for the highest-grossing Thailand film “Pee-mak”.

Davika has a deep admiration for elephants because of the shared passion she has with her Mother. She joined IvoryFree Wild aid campaign in 2018 because of her affection for elephants. This shared passion between Devika and her Mother has astonished netizens and set up a landmark for something meaningful coming out of the Mother-Daughter relationship.

9. Aff Taksaorn And Nong Pea Mai

Aff Taksaorn is one of the known actresses in the Thai entertainment industry. She has been cast in several lakorns and is known for her role in Wanida (2008).

She divorced her husband in 2018 and has been living with her 5-year-old daughter, setting inspiration for Single Mothers. Netizens look forward to the daily life of Aff Taksaorn of how she is conditioning her little daughter Pea Mai. Recently Aff talked about her at an event, she attended with Ice Pariss. She spoke about her new likes and dislikes of music and other things.

10. Ranee Campen And Pranee Campen

Ranee Campen, nicknamed Bella started her career as a model in advertisements in the Thai entertainment industry. She is famous for her role in “Porn Prom Onlaweng” and “Khun Chai Putipat”.

Ranee Campen is very close to her Mother and has never failed to amaze netizens with her loving gestures toward her Mother. Recently Bella gifted her Mother Pranee, a luxury watch on her birthday and even took it to Instagram to show her love for her. She wrote in the Instagram caption “Happy birthday to the sweetest woman in the world. She is my everything. She is a Mother, older sister, and friend. Wish you happiness every day and good health. I want you to spend my money because I earn a lot for you. You keep it for me only. I love you so much, mom. I have a successful surprise for her birthday.”