Article: Top 10 Chinese Anime You Need To Watch

Anime was first written in Japan and it is very popular not only in Japan but worldwide. Chinese anime is also one of their kind. There is a lot of Chinese anime’s available which are worth watching. Here we have covered anime of different genres ranging from simple to complex. In this list, you'll see the easiest anime depicting Chinese animation, including new names which may not be so familiar to you and also some older anime that are more established in this genre. Feel free to add to your list the favorite Chinese anime, just in case you do not have it on the list already.

10. Ling Qi - Spirit Pact

This anime is about Tanmoku Ki who lived his whole life as the most powerful diviner because of which he earned jealousy and antipathy. When a young You Keika dies in front of him during a car accident, he decides to form You Keika’s spirit shadow. This increases Tanmoku Ki’s powers and in return, You Keika can fight and remain within the world of the living. Based on the book manhua, Ling Qi is a funny yet heartwarming tale of souls, broken bonds, and sacrifice.


9. Zhen Hun Jie - Rakshasa Street

Rakshasa Street tells the story of Xia Ling, an ordinary university worker, as she is accidentally dived into a world loaded with evil spirits, as danger skulks at each and every part. The anime is predicated on a manhua bearing an equivalent name and is produced by Lu Heng Yu and Li Zhu Jie Studio.

8. Wo De Tian Jie Nu You - My Cultivator Girlfriend

My Cultivator Girlfriend is about a time, with not-so-modern rules and freedom. The story follows the adventures of Ma Ying Xiong, a watchman, as he steps into the planet of cultivation after saving Lu Zi, a female cultivator. The characters are well defined with fascinating backstories and supremacy, and therefore the overall high-spirited outlay of the anime makes this a really fun anime.

7. Xiyou Ji Das Heng Guilai - Monkey King: Hero Is Back

It is a fantasy anime movie filled with drama. The title of the anime in English is ‘Monkey King: Hero is Back’. The animation of the movie is sweet then is that the music. The series revolves around Monkey King, a mythical monster who was unrivaled in combat. He was really strong and freely walked among all the three realms i.e. Heaven, Earth, and Hell. But he finishes up breaking certain divine laws.

6. Yao Shen Ji - Tales Of Demons And Gods

Based on the highly liked anime called Tales of Demons and Gods, Yao shen ji follows the adventures of Nie Li, who was once the strongest demon spiritualist. He was losing his life again sage emperor and his minions, Nie Li is brought back in time when he was 13. Enriched with a well-developed storyline and sophisticated characters, provides Yaoshen ji an opportunity  to hook viewers from the very first episode.


5. Lan Mo De Hua - Lan Mo's Flower

This one is a normal genre of romance and magic, Lan Mo De Hua is a light series that'll leave viewers' hearts fluttering. This anime depicts the stories of Lan Mo, who finds an extraordinary accessory that helps her change her looks.

She is then on a mission to form her childhood friend, Lui Yi Feng, who falls crazy together with her. This anime has 9 episodes and every episode is of 13 minutes. You can binge-watch this and complete it in one go!


4. Mo Dao Zu Shi - Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation

Based on a Chinese web novel which is written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, Mo Dao Zu Shi features a general theme of reincarnation revolving around the entire story. The story is about a world where cultivators have the power to even attain immortality. The action-packed donghua certainly manages to make the reader stick on their seats and is certainly an interesting watch.

3. Douluo Dalu - Soul Land

This one is very interesting as the lead Tang San spent his life within the Tang Outer Sect, where he is dedicated to make and master hidden munitions. Once he stole the key lore of the Inner Sect to succeed at the top of his art, his only answer was death. He jumped from hell’s peak and was reborn again in a new world where everyone has their unique spirits and they can become spirit masters after practicing it again and again.

2. Quanzhi Fashi - Full-Time Mage

One day Mo Fan goes to sleep wearing a weird pendant and when he wakes up, the planet has changed! Despite everything, he knows changed apart from his classmates and family. Mo Fan devotes himself to the study of magic in hopes of raising his and his hard-working father’s social status. Things seem to be bleak until he discovers an affinity for not only one elemental magic, but two, which is making him the foremost powerful student altogether of his classes!

1. Quan Zhi Gao Shou - The King's Avatar

The plot of the anime revolves around a web multiplayer game, Glory. The adherent of the anime Ye Xiu is that the master of the sport and has spent ten years of his life on sports. But then he's forced to retire from the sport and leave his team. He finds work at an internet cafe. When Glory adds the tenth server Ye Xiu decides to get back into the zone. After sometime he gets the attention of other top-ranked players who don’t know about his identity. But albeit Ye Xiu features a lot of experience and skills the sport has changed over the years.