Article: 10 Slice Of Life Anime Recommendations For Lazy Days

Anime has been a global part of the world for a long time, and its popularity has only increased. There is an increase in the audience, and is expected to grow more. On that topic, there are some who like animes and lazy days. So, when they are put together, the result is a day well spent watching something enjoying and relaxing. So, for lazy days like such, where some might look for something relaxing but entertaining, the slice of life genre is perfect. So here are ten slice-of-life anime recommendations that are perfect for such lazy days.

1. Barakamon

A young calligrapher finds himself on an island after causing a commotion. Not expecting much and thinking of keeping a low profile and focusing on his calligraphy until the ruckus blows over, he soon finds out that it will not be so. He meets a young child named Naru and many others from the island. Little by little, they become part of his life. He learns and gets inspired by them, which helps his calligraphy as well as his personal growth. This anime is filled with happy, profound, and learning moments and is so much fun to watch.  


2. Flying Witch 

A young witch in a new place, with people around her who are surprised but not too surprised to know about her little secret. This anime perfectly shows the life of an average school-going witch who is discovering and learning more about her witchcraft and she also introduces its peculiarities to her relatives and new friends. There are the flying brooms, magical cats, hidden cafes with supernatural beings, and more than just one witch. 


3. School Babysitters

Children are cute, but some responsibilities come with them. Two brothers who lost their parents and became orphans are approached by the chairwoman of a school, during the funeral. She then decides to take them under her care but under the condition that the older one will be part of the school’s daycare. The daycare has been established to support the female teachers of the school. This anime is filled with cuteness, and funny and heartwarming moments and is a must-watch.


4. My Roommate Is A Cat 

There is no crazy cat lady here, only cats and regular, ordinary people with their own stories, and Subaru Mikazuki is just another average guy. But he lost his parents in an accident, and the sorrow of the situation is something that does creep up on him and it is seen at various moments, but Haru, the cat, is there to give him company and broaden his views on life. Both of them learn the value of family and, along the way, become each other’s family.


5. Saint Onii-San 

Also known as Saint young men, this short anime is about Jesus and Buddha taking a vacation on earth and living as roommates in Japan. They try to hide their real identities and live as ordinary people while enjoying the human world and what it offers.


6. Silver Spoon 

Also known as Gin no Saji, it is an anime that follows the life of Yuugo Hachiken, who is trying to navigate his life in the Ooezo Agricultural High School, in the countryside. This anime shows his struggles in the new environment, how he adjusts to them, and how he learns about life. He also comes to know about the difficulties and the problems faced by the people involved in the agriculture industry. This anime promises funny, learning moments as well as moments that have a huge impact on Hachiken’s life. 


7. Sweetness And Lightning 

Also known as Amaama to Inazuma, this anime follows the life of a father and daughter duo who learns the value of food and much more. The father, who wants to provide proper meals to his daughter, takes up cooking with the help of one of his students. Along the way, there are heartwarming and funny moments, followed by many delicious-looking food moments. 


8. Bunny Drop

Usagi Drop is also known as Bunny Drop. It is an anime that follows the life of a bachelor man taking care of his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter upon his death. In his grandfather’s wake, nobody was willing to take care of the young child and was cold about it. Daikichi Kawachi, hence, starts his life of parenthood with zero prior childcare experience. This anime follows their new life and how they learn and adjust to it.


9. Wakakozake 

Food is one of the essential things in life, and after a hard day of hard work, food plus a favorite beverage equals relaxation and refreshment. That is what this anime promises, how Murasaki Wakako unwinds after long days and enjoys her own company in the presence of food and drink. It is an ideal recommendation for food and slice-of-life lovers.


10. Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori

In a traditional Japanese-style café, where the food is excellent, so are the tea and the coffee. The saying- don’t judge a book by its cover can be especially said about the coffee art that is served in the café because it may not always look what the funny, tall barista may intend it to be, but nobody ever complains about the taste. This anime primarily follows the life of the four staff members working in the café but also shows the daily life struggles of the customers, which the audience may relate to, and how the café staff members may inspire them or help them directly or indirectly with their battle.