Article: Top 10 Male K-Pop Idols’ Styles That Went Viral

For the longest time, women have dominated the world of fashion with many different styles and colors. Oh the other hand, men have been making-do with basic styles with little changes over the years, whether it’s their clothes or hair. Enter, the Hallyu wave. Ever since K-pop has been making quite the stir worldwide, the fashion standards for men have changed for the better. Here we have a list of the top 10 times male idols went viral for their styles.

1. Jungkook – Bucket Hats, Piercings

Jungkook from BTS has always preferred more casual and comfortable styles, usually black in color. Many a times, he has hidden his hair under a black bucket hat that seems to have become his signature accessory. Moreover, in the recent years, Jungkook has also been sporting several tattoos and piercings, including his eyebrows and lip piercings, making his look like a very edgy manga character.


2. V – Headband, Cardigans

V from BTS has a small square face with a strong bone structure, perfect for headbands that can pull his hair back from his face. This heartthrob looks sexier than ever in bandanas or stretchy headbands on his head which he debuted back in 2017 and had worn many times since. V has made it clear that hair accessories are not just for girls. He has also been seen rocking vintage clothing with many cardigans.


3. Baekhyun – Mullets, Silver Hair

Baekhyun from EXO donned a black mullet with red highlights for the group’s 2017 song, “Ko Ko Bop”. This business in the front and party at the back old-school hairstyle has seen many interpretations over the years and has unfortunately have had polarizing response. While many fans in Korea were not happy with Baekhyun’s mullet, the fans internationally have loved the look. The star also once went viral for his wavy platinum blonde hair against his pale skin and foxy makeup at an award show.


4. Soobin – Half Skirt

K-pop has been breaking gender norms for a long time. Many recent boy groups have donned various styles of skirts, one of whom is Soobin from Tomorrow X Together (TXT). Soobin wore a plaid half skirt for the group’s 2021 MV for their song “Can’t You See Me”, which instantly caught people’s attention who started praising the group for their stylish genderless clothes.


5. G- Dragon – Long Side Bangs

Considered one of the kings of K-pop, G-Dragon of Big Bang has had many trending styles over the years. A fashion icon, G-Dragon once sported a long side bangs hairstyle in different colors that his some of his face but made him instantly recognizable for its uniqueness. Moreover, since the other side of his head was shades down to a buzzcut, the asymmetry brought even more attention to the star. Although he was mocked for it back then, people have since then deemed it iconic in hindsight.


6. Taemin – Crop Tops

Another instance of K-pop idols breaking gender norms is the array of crop tops that Taemin from SHINee has worn over the years. Showing off his lean muscles and abs, along with a recent rib tattoo, Taemin has been one of the trendsetter for crop tops among males.


7. Renjun – Two-Toned Hair Color

Renjun from NCT Dream became wildly popular for his hairstyle during the group’s 2020 album “Hot Sauce” promotions. Super fresh and attractive, his two-toned hair instantly grabbed attention worldwide. While the lower half of his hair was a platinum blonde, the top half was black and slightly longer to swoop around his face, or be pulled back sleekly.


8. Felix – Freckles, Under Eye Jewel

While freckles are not exactly a part of the Korean beauty standard, fans have loved them on Felix from Stray Kids. Although initially insecure about his natural freckly cheeks, Felix too has come to embrace them due to support and love from fans, and has stopped hiding his bare skin. The star has also gone viral for his under eye gems which we wore for the group’s 2020 song “Backdoor” promotions.


9. Haechan – All Black outfit

Haechan from NCT has been clicked by the media at the airport many times. Most of those times, he has been seen wearing all black outfits like black skinny jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket. Paired along with a black mask and bucket hat, he has been walking around looking like a very hot grim reaper.


10. Beomgyu – Wolf hair

Popularized as the wolf cut in the recent years, shaggy hairstyle has been around for a long time and had almost became extinct. The new version of shaggy hair, wolf cut, had been a signature style for Beomgyu of Tomorrow X Together for a long time, which he once also showed off with blonde highlights against dark shoulder length locks. The haircut has been so popular that people have resorted to taking scissors to their own locks in hopes of copying the style at home.