Article: Top 10 Korean Celebs Who Had Done Cosmetics Surgeries

South Koreans have a reputation for being image-conscious and beauty-conscious. Plastic surgery is so popular in the country that it has been dubbed the "plastic surgery capital of the world." Korea is also recognised for its vibrant K-Pop industry and entertaining K-dramas. It should come as no surprise, then, that many celebrities have undergone cosmetic surgery to acquire their beautiful looks. The following ten South Korean celebrities who may have received plastic surgery are discussed in this article:

1. Park Min Young 

Park Min Young is a South Korean actress who rose to prominence thanks to her role in the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The actress has admitted to having plastic surgery, revealing that her mother agreed to her having eyelid surgery when she was in high school. She's also had cosmetic surgery on her nose, albeit she clarified that it was for a broken nose she got in an accident.


2. Park Bom 

2NE1's Park Bom is a member of the group. She began her career in 2006, but it was as the main vocalist for 2NE1 that she made her debut in 2009. She allegedly underwent a slew of cosmetic surgeries, including at least two nose jobs, double eyelid surgery, facial sculpting, and, most likely, breast implants. She also appears to have undergone lip fillers.


3. Yoo In Na 

Yoo In Na is a well-known Korean actress and DJ who rose to prominence after starring in the drama Queen and I in 2012. She began her career in show business as an apprentice singer before joining YG Entertainment as an aspiring actress. It appears that the actress had surgery on her eyes and jawline based on images from earlier in her career and now. Her eyes have grown broader, and her jaw has become more angular (it used to be round and flat).


4. JooE

JooE, whose real name is Lee Joo Won, is most known for being the lead rapper and dancer in the female group Momoland. She began her career as a competitor on the reality show Finding Momoland, where she placed fifth, qualifying her to join the band. She has also worked as a brand ambassador for the Baker beauty line as an idol. When it comes to physical modifications, JooE is honest about undergoing nose surgery her freshman year of high school.


5. Kim Ye-Won

Kim Ye-Won, well known as a member of the girl group Jewelry, has revealed that she had facial plastic surgery. When we look at images of her from earlier in her career vs now, we can tell that her face has shrunk. Her sole cosmetic procedure, she claims, was on her nose. She has admitted that she had ear surgery as well, but claims it was for an infection and to better her hearing.


6. Hong Soo Ah

Hong Soo Ah is most known for her role as Hong Soo Ah in the sitcom Nonstop. This doll-like actress admits to having double eyelid surgery, which she said had a significant impact on her acting career. There are reports that she has had additional procedures, but she has rejected them.


7. Jung Chae-Yeon

Jung Chae-Yeon is most known for being a part of DIA, a girl group. She also became a part of the group I.O.I. after finishing seventh on the show Produce 101. This idol had nose surgery, according to reports. We can tell that she used to have a flatter nose, but now she has a sharper nose with a narrower bridge, as seen in the photographs above. There have been allegations that she had double eyelid surgery to make her eyes appear larger, but she has refuted this.


8. Uee

Kim Yu-jin, also known as Uee, is a well-known Korean actress and member of the girl group After School. She is upfront about her cosmetic treatments, including double eyelid surgery, as are many other celebrities. Her eyes were previously narrower, but the procedure widened them.


9. Shin Dong-Hee 

Shin Dong-Hee is a rapper and singer who goes by the stage name Shindong. His most well-known relationship is with the Super Junior band. Few members of Super Junior have admitted to undergoing plastic surgery, but Shindong has revealed that he underwent double eyelid surgery to his fans. He is alleged to have done it because the president of his band's agency advised him to do so.


10. Jessica Jung 

Jessica Jung was a former member of the girl group Girl's Generation and was widely regarded as one of the group's most attractive members. She is also well-known as the younger sister of Krystal Jung, a member of the girl group f. (x). Looking at the photographs above, it appears like she had surgery to reduce the size of her jaw. She also underwent a nose job and double eyelid surgery, according to her.