Article: Top 10 Celebrities That Have Been Canceled For Bullying

Bullying is a raging issue in Korea and is not dealt with lightly. As a school student in Korea, bullying can be one of the most traumatic incidents for people. Many celebrities have been called out for inappropriate behavior and bullying in Korea, since it can be a very serious issue in many cases, these turn out to be rumored to put down the actor or scar their image. There are multiple incidents of improper conduct in the news, and legal action has been taken against severe offenders. Many of the actors lose their careers or see a downfall after such allegations. Here are some such issues-

1. Hwang Hyunjin- Stray Kids

One of the biggest shocking and famous cases of bullying was of Hwang Hyunjin. Although many of his classmates came to his support and talked about how nice he is and was supportive of his peers, yet Hyunjin was on a hiatus. JYP Entertainment is the company under which Hyunjin is working, and they denied all accusations and decided on taking legal actions.


2. Ji Soo

The most talked-about case of bullying and assault was Ji Soo. The actor was shooting the drama River where the Moon rises and had to leave midway or get replaced due to the bullying allegations. His company released an apology, and all his plans had to be stopped midway and the actor decided to enlist in the military soon.


3. Jo Byung Gyu

Jo Byung Gyu was last seen in the drama, The Uncanny Counter, which was quite the hit. Starting this year, an old classmate of the actor shared incidents of bullying against him, which have been denied by the actor’s entertainment company, HB Entertainment, and took necessary legal actions against the same. Yet another victim came forward not long after, who later deleted all his posts.


4. Kihyun From Monsta X

After his name got released on social media as one of the bullies, he released a personal statement asking for an apology and considered back on his actions. His agency, Starship Entertainment, on the other hand, released a statement that such allegations were false and they would take action against this defamation and even released his student record.


5. Park Hye Su

Park Hye Su, who had many promotional events lined up for her drama, Dear M, had bullying allegations around the same time, hampering her drama ratings and promotions. Her entertainment company, Studio Santa Claus, denied all the claims and promised to take legal action due to the damage these false rumors brought.


6. Lee Hyun-Joo

Lee Hyun-Joo is a member of the six-membered groups, April. She is not the bully in her career, but her career came to a halt due to bullying. Her brother has reported that his sister was bullied by the rest of the members, and that was the reason for her leaving the group. The issue was also brought to light by DSP Media.


7. Soyeon From G-IDLE

There was a huge issue when a victim came forward to accuse Soyeon of bullying to the extent that she had to transfer schools and had to go abroad due to the severity of the bullying. The entertainment company didn’t release a statement soon after; therefore this issue is far from solved given not many people came to make comments on the same.


8. Soojin From G-IDLE

The idol, Soojin, was called out for being a bully in her high school. The claim was made by the elder sister of the victim, which was denied by the idol’s entertainment company, named CUBE Entertainment. It had declared that they would take proper legal actions for the same, while Soojin made a personal statement stating the clarity behind the false rumors.


9. Chuu From Loona

Chuu from the girl group LOONA was accused of bullying by her former classmate, which was denied by their entertainment company named Blackberry Creative. The entertainment company made a statement stating strict legal actions would be taken against the accuser for spreading negative and false rumors about the member.


10. Kim Dong Hee

The actor who was recently seen in Itaewon Class and Extracurricular. He was accused of being a bully to a  bunch of anonymous netizens, which were also denied by the Entertainment company which Kim Dong Hee is under, JYP Entertainment. The company also took legal action against the netizens for spreading false information.