Article: Top 10 Best Fantasy Thai Dramas To Watch

Dramas about the supernatural and magical worlds transport you to a completely different reality romance. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Fantasy Thai Dramas to Watch.

1. Love Destiny

Love Destiny is a modern-day girl who accidentally travels back in time 300+ years following a vehicle accident. While there, Katisurang performs some good deeds to undo the harm caused by Maying Karakadi in the hopes of returning to her modern-day world, gradually winning the love and admiration of the entire Village, including for date. May in Karakade is spoiled and evil even her dearest beetroot poor date hates her and Wows to stall the wedding for as long as possible.

2. Happy Birthday

When Tonmai turned 17, his father gave him his sister's room as a gift. In this room, he encounters his sister's ghost is only visible to him. Tonmai was born on the day that his sister passed away. His parents never celebrated his birthday & he had never received a birthday present.

3. The Gifted

The 10th grader from the lowest-ranking class who unexpectedly passed the gifted program placement test for unknown reasons gets admitted to a high school with a gifted program. His entrance into the gifted program got accompanied by much confusion, but he and his new friends eventually began to suspect something odd about the class.

4. Let's Fight the Ghost

A cohabitation comedy about a high school girl ghost who had been dead for five years and an exorcist college boy who can see and hear goals and has learned over the years that he can touch them and fight them off so when he needs a part-time job but can't find one that pays well enough he starts posting ads online as an exorcist for hire one night he goes out on the job and faces off with a schoolgirl ghost and during the fight they both

5. Suparburoot Jorm Jon: Maturot Lohg

See You Far A Bandit had to go on one of his father's daily robberies to prove himself to his father and carry out his plans to take over the next Village. The quest was to steal the most valuable item from Kunpade, a lieutenant who would not stop searching for the abandoned Village.

6. Khaen Rak Salap Chata

When the body of Wat and Ted gets switched, they will have to decide how to manage the situation and whether or not to tell Ginney and Kulanji the truth.

7. Oh My Ghost

Jew is a modest girl who washes dishes at a restaurant and is in love with the chef. Calhoun is a virgin ghost who doesn't understand why her soul can't go to heaven. She won't lift you alone. Kalpoon uses a Jew's body to lure us to our deaths because she believes that only losing her virginity will allow her to enter heaven.

8. Leh Nangfah

But on the night of a full moon, two identical twins from different eras trade places. In the past, Juan Cube was a reserved and shy girl, while in the present, Opal is a powerful Polish woman who is outspoken. What will happen to them and the inhabitants of each era when this happens?

9. My Bubble Tea

A lady who develops feelings for her attractive employer can utilize a supernatural bubble tea blend to gain his favor. In a nasty twist, the woman's hated rival accidentally drinks the tea and develops feelings for her, creating a humorous and chaotic love triangle.

10. Gasohug

Eve has the gift of seeing snippets of her future in her dreams, and she thinks the gas station employee is the Enchanted Prince she has been glimpsing in her prophetic dream. She pursues him to win him over, but she only learns that he is nothing more than the glimpses of the person she sees in her dreams.