Article: Ten Thai Celebrities Who Have Twins

It's an emotional roller coaster to be a parent to twins. There are many moments when you feel fortunate and privileged to have them. Now take a look at these Thai celebrities and their twin children.

1. Way Thaitanium And Nana Rybena (Bina And Brooklyn)

Rybena "Nana" Tanwimol is an accomplished VJ, model, actor, and race car, driver. She's also the mother of lovely twins Bena and Brooklyn Guy Intachai and the wife of a hip-hop sensation. Now she's set to take on yet another position, this time as the face of DekTay, a children's streetwear company.

Way Thaitanium and Nana Rybena (Bina and Brooklyn) twins


2. M-Apinan (Nong Chana And Chanin)

M-Apinan, As a father of twins who admitted to having more children than his wife, he admitted to being both possessive and concerned about their six-year-old twin daughter because the older they become, the more lovely they become.

M-Apinan (Nong Chana and Chanin)


3. Pok Passakorn And Margie Rasri

On February 8, 2019, Margie Rasri and Pok Passakorn held a baby shower to welcome their twin baby boy and girl.

Pok Passakorn and Margie Rasri twins


4. Sutita Gatetanon (Nong Luke And Simon)

The famous former heroine 'Aui Suthita' with her 12-year-old twin sons shows off their handsome looks, telling them the reason why they almost broke up with their husbands.

Sutita Gatetanon (Nong Luke and Simon) twins


5. Singto Numchok (Nong Kenne And Caleo)

Singto, the first famous musician or singer to use ukuleles on stage and in his music videos, found love and became the father of twin children.

Singto Numchok (Nong Kenne and Caleo) twins


6. Bob Natee (Nong Push And Prom)

Bob Natee, a Thai celebrity, poses for the camera with his twin children.


7. Buachompoo Ford (Nong Mark And Mao)

Buachompoo Ford is a Thai model, actor, and singer. Chaang Somprasong Sahawat is her husband, and they have a kid named Matt and twin kids. She majored in Performance Art at university.


8. Aok Smith And Opal Panissara (Nong Alin And Alan)

Another welcoming family for the wonderful hosts, Panisara Opal and her husband Aok Smith, had twins after that.


9. Chompoo Araya And Nott Vitsarut (Nong Saifah And Payu)

Chompoo and Nott's marriage has lasted five years and continues to be very happy and fulfilled. They are the proud parents of one pair of gorgeous twins.


10.Tua Saranyoo (Looknoon And Looknang)

Sarunyoo Wongkrachang, also known as Sarunyu Wongkrachang, was a Thai actor, singer, politician, screenwriter, director, and producer and is blessed with talented twins.

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