Article: Top 10 Shocking Makeovers Of Chinese Celebrities

These Chinese celebrities are known for their influencing styles and their immense smartness. People are always influenced by Chinese celebrities styles and think of achieving their techniques. But were these celebrities like they are today from before? Or did they go through several changes to become like this The answer is that these celebrities were not like they are today; they go a whole transformation to look like what they are today. Celebrities need to be fit and well maintained to work in their field. To remain fit is why some of them transform to pursue their dream of becoming a celebrity. These are the ten celebrities of China who transformed themselves into better selves:

1. Keung To

Keung To is a Chinese singer who is a heartthrob to millions of fans. But when Keung To was not popular, he was bullied in school for his weight. But after that, Keung To reduced his weight drastically and came out all fit and fine when he participated in ViuTV’s GoodNight Show for the second time. Keung To told his weight loss story when he appeared on ViuTV’s Good Night Show in 2018 and got appreciated by his fans for his honesty.


2. Shen Yue

Shen Yue, with her immense beauty and exceptional work, shocks everyone in the first go. Shen Yue is known for her love smile and girly photo shoots. This time, Shen Yue decided to go different from the usual and came out with a more cold expression and boyfriend-style photo shoots. And fans are loving this transformation of her as she is slaying it.


3. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing has drastically lost her weight by bigu fasting, which is the trend these days. Fan Bingbing lost 6 kg of her weight in just a week by bigu fasting. Fan Bingbing has lost so much weight that her fans even started calling her unrecognisable in her recent photos. This site also got her fans concerned about her health and was not a big hit in her fandom.


4. Lu Han

At first, Lu Han got often dissed by people due to his fashion. But now, his fashion sense has improved, and he wears more trendy and colourful clothes. Some people also say that this change in style may be one of the causes of falling in love. Now, in his photo shoots, Lu Han wears many clothes that compliment his long hair and his style.


5. Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen is an actor and a martial artist. Donnie’s mother was a martial arts master, and he started training in martial arts long before. At first, he was going on the streets kicking lamp posts and doing splits, but when he got serious about martial arts, he gathered all the information about famous martial artists and what they used to do, including Bruce Lee.


6. Ningning

Aespa’s member Ningning was born cute but growing up, Ningning got bullied for her body shape. When Aespa debuted, some fans even trolled her for the bad condition of her shoulders. Then ningning lost her weight and also maintained her body shape. And in Aespa’s recent performances, fans appreciated her efforts in her body and also loved her seeing fit.


7. Yin Zheng

Yin gained some weight during filming. When Zheng saw it, he immediately took care of his weight by controlling it. Yin lost his weight so fast that he got appreciated by his fans and was the most searched celebrity because of his transformation.


8. Tiffany Tang

33-year-old Tiffany, being a Chinese celeb, is also transformed into the ambassador of a famous brand, “Coach”. Tiffany is the first ambassador of Coach in the Asia-Pacific market. And many brands are now knowing her as she is rising in this field.


9. Gülnezer Bextiyar

Nazha, an emerging actress from China, is now also an ambassador of Fendi. Nazha got transformed as the first Chinese ambassador of the Fendi. Nazha gained the title of exotic features because of her immense beauty.


10. Ni Ni

Ni Ni, a Chinese actress, is now transformed into a Chinese fashion icon by taking her spot on the magazine covers and also attending numerous fashion shows of well-known brands. Her 18 million fans love her and always support her with what she is doing.



These are the 10 Chinese celebrities who went through significant makeovers and proved themselves in their aspects.