Article: Top 10 Chinese Thriller Movies

Asia is a big and one of the most populous continents. So naturally, the entertainment industry of each country is very diverse, but regardless of each country's unique diversity, the shared aspects of each entertainment industry not only in Asia but all around the world in the genre of the film. Thriller as a genre for movies and television series has gained a widespread fan following. The adrenaline rush, a thriller gives off may be the reason for the genre's popularity. The adrenaline rush of watching a good thriller is truly unmatchable. We have included ten of the best thriller Chinese movies of all time, in this article.

1. Line Walker 

Line Walker was released in 2016. The film stars Nick Cheung, Louis Koo, Francis Ng, Charmaine Sheh and Benz Hui. The film is an action thriller genre. The film is set in the background of a drug racket being chased by the members of CIB. The film is also available on the ott, Netflix for the audience to watch and enjoy.


2. Ip Man 

Ip Man is one of the best-produced thrillers in the Chinese entertainment industry.  The first movie of the Ip Man movie franchise was released in 2008. The success received upon the film's release gave confidence to the makers of the film to continue the franchise. The Ip Man franchise has 4 films and spin-offs. The film is based on the life of Ip Man himself.


3. The Four 

The Four is a thriller, action, and fantasy trilogy film. The first film was released in 2012. While the second film under this franchise, The Four II was released in 2013, and the third film, The Four III was released in 2014. The film stars big names such as Deng Chao and Liu Yifei.


4. The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity

The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity was released in 2020. The film opens when a demonic serpent awakens and then the story of the film unfolds. This is a great watch for fantasy thriller fans. The film was distributed by Netflix. So you can switch on to Netflix at any time to watch this film.


5. The Devil Inside Me 

The horror thriller Chinese film, The Devil Inside Me was released in 2011. The film stars Tony Leung Ka-fai and Kelly Lin in the lead roles. The film shows the doctor ( Tony Leung Ka-fai) of the character, Lin Yan, committing heinous murders by his medical knowledge.


6. Police Story 

Police Story is a Chinese thriller film franchise. The franchise consists of eight films. The film franchise is created by the superstar Jackie Chan, who also stars as the lead in the film franchise. The genre of the film is an action crime thriller.  The first film in this Franchise was released in 1985. The latest film to be released under this franchise titled, 'Police Story 2013' was released in 2013.


7. Black & White

Black & White: The Dawn of Justice is a Taiwanese and Chinese film. The film got released in 2014 in 3D format. The film is of action, crime, and thriller genres. The film has a special appearance by Huang Bo. The lead actors of the film are Mark Chao and Lin Genxin.


8. Blind Detective

This film is different from all the other films listed in this article because apart from being a serious action, crime thriller, the film is also of a romantic comedy genre. The film stars Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. The storyline is of a detective who losses his eyesight and turns blind.


9. Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac is also shortly called CZ12. The film got released in 2012. The film is of the action-adventure thriller genre. The film is written and directed by the Chinese megastar Jackie Chan. The film is a typical kind of Jackie Chan movie with a bit of comedy which the audience normally enjoys.


10. Helios

Helios is a Chinese Hongkong film. The film is an action crime thriller. The film got released in 2015.  Helios stars some big names including international stars such as Choi Siwon, Kim Hae Sook, Ji Jin Hee, Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue, Nick Cheung, among the many other actors.