Article: Top 10 Jackie Chan Movies Of All Time

Jackie Chan's name must be mentioned in action movies. It is required by law. Although he is by no means the sole action star, his contributions and effect on the genre cannot be disputed. Chan's early films saw producers trying to transform him into the next Bruce Lee, but in the late '70s, Chan developed his own voice by fusing inventive choreography with humour.

1. The Foreigner

Even though the plot forbids large, entertaining set pieces, Chan provides one of his greatest dramatic performances as a stern man capable of unleashing hell. As a result, the action is all the more fulfilling.


2. Snake In The Eagle's Shadow

"Snake in the Eagle's Shadow," the oldest movie, merits its position for several reasons. Yes, the plot is typical: a young man is beaten and reprimanded until diligent training transforms him into a master fighter. As Chan's approach develops to encompass actual effects and motions, the result is an apparently easy show of control and accuracy.


3. Mr Nice Guy 

It was initially intended to be the fifth "Police Story," and the Australian settings and the English-language screenplay are clear references to "Police Story 4: First Strike" (1996). Chan portrays a star chef who becomes involved in mob antics when the crooks think they have evidence of wrongdoing in his possession.


4. The Young Master 

Chan made his directorial debut with "The Fearless Hyena" (1979). The following year, Chan returned with a clearly improved understanding of character, tempo, and combat direction. Chan's character in "The Young Master" searches for his brother while being mistaken for an escaped felon.


5. Police Story IV: First Strike

The entire time, Chan's legendary fighting skills are on full show. The movie has a lot we haven't seen from Chan before, from the early snowbound brawls to an underwater fight interrupted by a hungry (and funny) shark.


6. Crime Story

Chan has mainly played fun-loving, kick-butt males throughout his filmography, but he has also experimented with more serious parts. A prime example of this is "Crime Story." It nearly feels like a "Police Story" movie without the humour. Chan is a lawbreaker and a cop who has singled out certain vicious thugs for harsh retribution.


7. Police Story 2

The plot and character strands from the original Police Story are explicitly continued in the sequel. While the antagonists from the previous movie are still after Chan's character, there is also a fresh danger posed by a string of bombs. Chan's character also fights with his girlfriend (Maggie Cheung) about romantic matters.


8. Drunken Master 

Chan is entangled in various conflicts as the action picks up speed. Early on, he loses a few, notably to his aunt and a nasty person with the "Devil's Kick," but after some arduous and obviously painful training, he wins back the opponent.


9. Miracles

Chan plays a young man in the movie whose fortune changes when he buys a rose from an elderly woman. Because of that relationship, he quickly rises to the position of the major boss with a crew of goons working for him.


10. Rumble In The Bronx 

Chan and the film's director, Stanley Tong, are just trying to have fun while exhibiting Chan's incredible athletic capabilities and the breathtaking mountain scenery towering magnificently outside New York City. Chan was become more widely known in the US because of this movie.