Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas And Movies Of Kang Min Ah

It's like setting out on a starlit quest to unravel the fabric of Kang Min Ah's accomplishments. In this investigation, we follow the illuminating course of her career, highlighting the top 10 achievements that have carved out Kang Min Ah as a legend in the acting world and beyond.

1. True Beauty

In this, Kang Min Ah portrays the role of Choi Soo Ah. The romantic comedy "True Beauty" is about Lim Ju Gyeong, a high school student who becomes famous for being an attractive lady after learning how to apply makeup on YouTube. Because of her talent with cosmetics, she can transform into a goddess, but she would sooner die than show anyone her true face. It details her romance with Lee Su Ho, the lone man who saw her without makeup. Lee Su Ho is a charming and handsome boy who, despite his gloomy past, seems frigid but is incredibly compassionate. When they interact, they learn from one another, share secrets, and fall in love. But will Su Ho convince Ju Gyeong to see her true beauty?

2. At A Distance, Spring Is Green

A tale of maturation about 20-somethings and the difficulties they encounter in school. Two boys with very different personalities, Nam Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon, unintentionally become friends while working on a project. Yeo Joon bears pain inside even though he has a charming exterior and comes from a wealthy family. His persona is a puppy-dog freshman who follows a sundae about because he likes him, which results in an odd bond between the two very different lads.

3. Gaus Electronics

The members of Marketing Team 3 in the home appliance division at the Gaus Electronics headquarters are accustomed to stress. Although the organization is a huge, international one, most employees dream of leaving this team because turmoil is a given there! The team consists of ten people. One of them is Lee Sang Sik, a person with a cheerful disposition who frequently misinterprets the emotions of his employees and causes difficulty as a result! Additionally, there is Cha Na Rae, the irritable assistant manager! Baek Ma Tan, the descendant of the owners of Gaus Electronics' most formidable adversary, Power Group, is also one of their numbers. Geon Gang Mi, who hails from humbler beginnings and has always attempted to pull herself up by her bootstraps, pushing herself to achieve at every step, is his complete opposite.

4. Seonam Girls High School Investigators

Chae Yul is a model student who feels inferior to her brilliant brother since he receives all the praise from her family. The daughter's mother, who believes that Chae Yul may achieve straight As at a less competitive public high school, forces her to enroll at Seonam Girl's High School after she is rejected from a very competitive, top-ranked foreign language high school. She thought that someday it would assist Chae Yul in getting into a prestigious university. Chae Yul is assaulted by "Biter," a perverted and insane male, on her first day at the all-girls high school. Everyone in the school starts chatting about this incident as it swiftly travels across it. This perfume... The "Biter" was wearing the same cologne, and so was this! Chae Yul now views Yeon Jun with great suspicion.

5. Tomorrow Boy

The story of a lovely, young patriarch named "Tomorrow Boy" shows how he perseveres in the face of hardship. Ahn Tae Pyeong, a young patriarch who has lost both of his parents, is responsible for looking after his grandma along with his four younger siblings. Tae Pyeong has a strong sense of purpose despite his circumstances, and he works hard to further his education and provide for his family.

6. Love As You Taste

In this, Kang Min Ah portrays the role of Hong Cho Ee. The ideal combination is always love and food! Each person's favorite food cravings are included along with their love stories and heartbreaks as they experience falling in and out of love. Vivacious college students form the "Cooking Club for Better Taste" to share their favorite foods and dishes while expressing their own love and relationship tales. Are they prepared for the main course known as life?

7. Park Hwa Young

Park, an 18-year-old Hwa Young, lives alone in the house where her 'friends' hang around, drink, and engage in sex. Despite calling her "mama," they have never allowed her to be a part of their clique, except for Mi Jeong, an actor-in-training who is the clique's queen of her relationship with Young Je, a high school thug. Hwa Young can only wait for Mi Jeong at home because Young Je, abhors Mi Jeong hanging out with Hwa Young. One day Mi Jeong wants Hwa Young to act as her true mother. Despite her best efforts, Hwa Young only succeeds in infuriating Young Je to the point of no return and grows increasingly estranged from Mi Jeong.

8. Hiya

In this, Kang Min Ah plays the role of Choi Han Joo. A young man named Jin Ho aspires to be a K-pop idol. When he was a small child, his family disintegrated due to an incident that resulted in the death of a neighbor. Jin Sang, the oldest brother, was convicted of the murder and sent to a lowlife prison. After a long absence, Jin Sang attempts to be a lovely brother to Jin Ho, but Jin Ho flees in retaliation. By supporting Jin Ho's auditions, Jin Sang keeps winning the brother's affection. Jin Ho's management organization commits financial fraud just as the group is set to make its debut as an idol group. To make matters worse, a detective has Jin Sang on their wanted list as a possible murder suspect.

9. Monchouchou Globalhouse

It chronicles the life, love, and friendship stories of six men and women from different parts of the world who reside in an opulent international sharing house in Yeon Nam Dong, Seoul. A university student on leave of absence is Kang Yu Na. She began working as a staff member at the international share home. She develops a romance with the sharing house's proprietor, Dong Jin Woo, and makes several acquaintances among the international youth residing there. Through YouTube, Nicky developed a liking for Korean entertainment and moved to Korea. He is introducing Korea to people all around the world via his YouTube channel. He is a funny man who enjoys receiving love and attention.

10. Time

In this, Kang Min Ah portrays the role of Miss Yang. In this tale, two opposing individuals are brought together by tragedy. One is still trapped in time, but the other is near the end of her life. Despite enduring a difficult life, Seol Ji Hyun is a cheerful, pleasant, and outgoing person. Son of an affluent family, Cheon Soo Ho runs a restaurant and has a horrible temper and no concern for others. However, when Ji Hyun's sister unexpectedly passes away at Soo Ho's house, their lives become entangled. After that, Ji Hyun's time stops, and she turns into a depressed, icy person with nothing to live for.