Article: Top 10 Korean Reality Shows To Watch If You Need A Break

Watching Korean reality and variety shows are fun. Fans can easily understand why Korean television is so popular. Themes with amusing undertones & notable Korean actors, celebrities, and K-Pop idols get featured on reality and variety shows. Others feature actors and stars competing with one another, such as a program that sends singers and actors to remote areas of the world or the country. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Reality Shows to Watch If You Need a Break from Captivating K-Drama

1. New Journey To The West

New Journey to the West is one of those comedic television programs. The concept of the program revolves around the seven mythical Dragon Balls that have appeared in various locations across the globe and got inspired by the well-known Chinese tale Journey to the West (the story of how it happened differs every season). Due to how viciously competitive the cast members are, the cast must journey around the globe to collect them through various games and challenges that are sure to make you cry with laughter.

2. Master In The House

A popular variety/reality program now airing in Korea & throughout the world is called Masters in the House. Five well-known actors, performers, comedians, an idol, and a former martial artist serve as the show's main hosts. Lee Seung-Gi is known for his roles in the K-dramas Return and Vagabond. Cha Eun-Woo, a former K-Pop star now an actor, is a part of the main cast.

3. Great Escape

Great Escape is the perfect formula for a hit variety show, mixing escape rooms and challenging puzzles with enigmatic stories, jumpscares, and plot twists, as well as six funny celebrities who are all way too jumpy for their benefit. The show will keep you on your toes every episode, whether the characters are fighting demons in a mental hospital, leaving a spooky home in total darkness, or escaping a zombie apocalypse.

4. 2 Days & 1 Night

There have been numerous scandals involving various cast members since the show's debut in 2007. Eventually, the program took a brief nine-month sabbatical in 2019, and it's now back with an entirely new cast of MCs. When the show first began, sends its participants on a two-day, one-night journey across the nation to discover stunning towns, villages, and attractions while following a varied weekly theme. Of course, there must also be some cruel yet entertaining games.

5. Knowing Bros - Ask Us Anything

You will love Knowing Bros if you adore all there is to love about K-pop and K-drama. Different guests would show up each week as fresh transfer students,& whom the MCs would welcome with games and quizzes. The show got set in a (fake) school classroom. Along with the unmistakable chemistry and razor-sharp wit of the MCs, you'll get to watch all your favorite K- stars performing, dancing, and generally looking crazy.

6. New World

Six celebrities who were all invited to remain in their dream home on a Utopian island get featured in the show New World. They have six days to complete challenges that will put their friendships to the test. To strategize their way to earn virtual dollars, which they can exchange for real money once they leave the island. New World includes experienced performers like Lee Seung-gi, Eun Ji-won, Park Na-Rae, and Kim Hee-chul.

7. Weekly Idol

The guest performers on Weekly Idol are K-Pop groups. It is unquestionably the most famous variety show among lovers of K-Pop. Numerous bands on the program are promoting recently released music or future albums. The program is well-liked since it includes a fun game show in addition to interviews. The hosts put the idols through entertaining tasks, such as Random Dance Play, the 99 Seconds Challenge, or even having to combine the choreography from two songs.

8. Workman

Workman is a 10- to 15-minute show designed for people who find it difficult to concentrate for extended performances. It follows former newscaster Jang Sung-kyu as he assumes the responsibilities of several everyday vocations for the duration of the play. You won't be able to stop watching the show because of Jang's humor, sharp wit, and eagerness to take on any challenge.

9. Busted

In 2018, Busted! was the first Netflix reality or variety program with an entirely Asian cast. As its group seeks to solve a game centered around a mystery, Busted! is unlike other shows in that it combines comedy with thrill and mystery. The show's premise involves seven notable guests who get DNA chips from historical detectives.

10. Hangout With Yoo / How Do You Play?

Hangout with Yoo, which features South Korea's most adored MC, Yoo Jae-suk, debuted in 2019 with a camera relay section in which celebrities had to record what they did on their days off before handing the camera to the follow the stars. As a result of the segment's underwhelming ratings, the show changed course got forced Yoo Jae-suk to assume new identities by transforming him into several "avatars" including a drummer, a trot singer, a K-pop group member, and a ramen business owner.