Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Are Well-Known Actors

Korean pop stars, or idols commonly referred to, are multi-talented artists. They can not only sing, dance, and entertain millions of fans all over the world, but they can also share screen time with established actors in K-dramas and movies. Here is the list of the Top 10 K-Pop Idols who are well-known actors.

1. Cha Eun Woo

It makes sense that Eun-woo, a member of the Astro group, will achieve popularity both on stage and in dramas. It doesn't matter if he plays a creative prince in rookie history or performs with other band members at a concert. We can watch Goo Hae Ryung's and Eun woo's performances all night long.

2. Lee Ji-Eun ( IU )

IU is more than a celebrity in our language, whether she's performing in front of large audiences at concerts around the world or portraying a young woman who accidentally travels back in time to the Goryeo era in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. She is a star with endless talent and charm.

3. Do Kyung-Soo ( DO )

Every Exo member has a superpower Do Kyung-soo uses his power of ground control to deliver such powerful and grounded performances on screen. It doesn't matter if he plays a seemingly cold prince in 100 Days My Prince or an enthusiastic but emotionally fragile teenager in It's Okay, That's Love. He has a sweet realism to each of his characters.

4. Kim Seok Woo ( Rowoon )

Kim Seok Woo is a part of K-pop Group SF9 with stage name Rowoon, he puts a sensational feel into each of his roles. Although he usually shows a good guy character.

5. Bae Suzy

Thanks to her distinguished career that included work as an actress, a solo performer, and a member of the K-pop sensation Miss A. The actress is so talented that she can make any character come to life, whether a stern reporter in "While You Were Sleeping" or an ambitious CEO in "Start-Up."

6. Park Jin Young 

If you and Jin Young engage in eye contact, you might lose. He can steal any scene with his acting abilities in addition to his ability to melt hearts with her charming look. Jin Young is well-known for his roles in the dramas When My Love Bloom and, Drama-He is Psychometric. He performs as the boy band GOT7's lead vocalist.

7. Yook Sung-Jae

You will remember Yook Sung-Jae as the wealthy heiress in the massively popular K-drama, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. Besides, he starred in Who Are You: School 2015 and Reply 1994. The 25-year-old multi-talented star is also the leader of the boy band BtoB, where he performed his incredible vocal ability.

8. Krystal Jung

Hailing from San Francisco, her stunning looks attract an international audience. Her role as a beauty goddess in the series Bride of the Water God raised her image as one of the beautiful faces of Korea, and later in My Lovely Girl, The Player, and Prison Playbook. She is also the lead singer and the face of the K-pop girl group f(x).

9. Ok-Taecyeon

Ok-Taecyeon was originally part of the boy band 2 PM and even released a Japanese solo album titled Taecyeon Special: Winter Hitori. Along with his flawless vocals, he's also a diverse actor that we've seen live on shows like Bring It On, Ghost, and Save Me. His latest TV series, "The Game: Towards Zero," aired earlier this year.

10. Im Si-Wan

The two roles that Im Si-wan takes on - as an actor and as a singer - are not the same. Whether it's an impressive concept for one of ZE: A's music videos or taking on the role of an analytical sprinter turned sports agent Ki Seon-gyeom in Run On, Si-wan has the incredible ability to portray any character easily.