Article: Best Fantasy Romance Korean Movies Of All Time

In the past few decades, Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm. From jaw-dropping visuals to mind-blowing plots, they have everything that can make the viewers go crazy. Korean cinema has mastered the romantic fantasy genre. There are many fantastic movies in that genre. From engaging storylines to heartwarming romances, these movies have everything to teleport you to a different world. With their captivating story and, not to mention, excellent actors, they manage to keep the audience stuck to the television screen. If you are a fan of such a genre, here is a compilation of the best fantasy romance Korean movies of all time.

1. Ditto

Ditto is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2022. The film revolves around two individuals living in two different eras who were somehow able to connect. Kim Yong is a student of mechanical engineering at a university and he was living in 1999. On the other hand, we have Mu Nee, who was a second-year student at the same university but, living in 2022. Coincidently, they got their hands on an old ham radio and, on the lunar eclipse of their respective years, they could connect and talk about their love, life, and friendship.

2. Blue Birthday

Blue Birthday is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2022. The film tells the story of a girl named Oh Ha Rin. Ha Rin had a painful past where her childhood friend mysteriously took his life when he was about to confess his love for Ha Rin. Ten years later, while working in a pet shop, she found ten photographs left behind by her friend. Heartbroken by this, she tried to burn the photos, but somehow transported ten years back to the day she took the pictures.

3. Café Midnight: Missing Honey

Café Midnight: Missing Honey is a romantic fantasy Korean movie released in 2022. The film revolves around the sudden disappearance of Ahn Tae Young. Nam Goong Yoon is a cop with a powerful personality. Her boyfriend is Ahn Tae Young, who owned a café and was a warm and kind-hearted person. But, on their wedding day, Tae Young disappeared without any trace. Confused by this sudden disappearance, Goong Yoon tried to look for her fiancé and found a strange map that took her to a mysterious café.

4. Breakup Probation, A Week

Breakup Probation, A Week is a fantasy romance movie released in 2021. The film tells the story of a couple who wanted to save each other. Ga Ram and Seon Jae were about to get married, but before their marriage, they got into a car accident. Due to that, Seon Jae went into a coma, and Ga Ram died. After her death, she finds herself in a strange place, where a man named Mr. X, gave her an offer saying “I’ll give you a week. To save Seon Jae, break up with him in a week.” After that, Ga Ram went a week before to break up with Seon Jae.

5. Are We In Love?

Are We in Love? It is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2020. The film revolves around a girl named So Jung. So Jung has a miserable life; her mother is ill, and she is facing failure from all sides. She works in a café owned by a handsome but secretive man Seung Jae. One day a lady visited the café and gave her a strange book named Are You in Love? One day, she asked a question about her love life in the book, and it mysteriously changed her life. Suddenly, she became the talk of the town and every man who saw her started to have a crush on her, including Seung Jae.

6. Be With You

Be With You is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2018. The film revolves around a lady named Soo Ah. Before passing away, Soo Ah promised her husband to return one year later on a rainy day. After a year, she, in reality, appeared in front of her husband and son, but unfortunately, all her memories are gone, and she doesn’t remember anyone. Their reunion was short-lived, as she had to leave her family again.

7. Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2016. The story revolves around a girl named Soo Rin, who had to move to a different place because of her stepfather’s job. In her new school, everyone avoided her and labeled her as a weirdo because of her blog. But a student from the next class named Sung Min befriends her. One day, Soo Rin, Sung Min, and his other friends went into a cave that took them to a strange place, and after that, all the boys disappeared except for Soo Rin. After a few days, Sung Min reappears as an adult.

8. Beautiful Moment

Beautiful Moment is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2022. The film revolves around a couple named Seung Joon and Joo Yi. One day, they ran into each other on a beautiful day when the cherry blossom’s petals fell. They promised to meet the next day, but Joo Yi suddenly disappeared and did not show up before Seung Joon. A year later, they meet in the same place, and Joo Yi tells Seung Joon her secret. She reveals that her time runs differently from others, and she can only stay until the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

9. Wonderful Nightmare

Wonderful Nightmare is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2015. The film revolves around a woman named Yeon Woo. Yeon Woo is a meticulous and successful lawyer who got into an accident and fell into a coma. She then wakes up in heaven and discovers the accident was an error. Now, she has to live as a housewife, also killed by mistake. She has to take care of her husband, an ordinary civil worker, a teenage daughter, and a six-year-old son.

10. Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2022. The film revolves around two best friends. Kang Tae Joo and Shin Hae Won were childhood best friends. They shared their immense love for baseball. They spend most of their time together playing baseball. One day, Tae Joo had to move to the United States and promised to meet Hae Won again. After a few years, Tae Joo returned to Korea and immediately began to search for his friend Hae Won, only to find out that Hae Won is now a high school girl.