Article: Japanese Movies That Are Visually Stunning

In this list, we are talking about some of the most visually breathtaking Japanese films we have seen. Japanese cinema has a lot of offers and there are a lot of gorgeous Japanese Films. In this list, we have curated some of the most beautiful Japanese films we think you should see.

1. Princess Mononoke 

This movie is a masterpiece created by Studio Ghibli. It follows the story of a young man named Ashitaka who is on a journey to find a cure for a curse. His goal is to find a person whose eyes are unclouded by hate. While on the journey he comes across a mysterious young woman named San, the Mononoke Hime. He soon finds himself in the middle of an all-out war between the residents of the human village and the creatures of the forest.

2. Paprika 

Satoshi Kon’s Paprika is a masterclass in Japanese animation. It is one of the most visually stunning pieces of animation I have ever seen. Three scientists are trying to find the culprit who had stolen their creation called the D.C. Mini. These devices enable others to view and record the dreams of patients. The device can also manipulate the dreams of other people and cause harm to their psyche. The scientists alongside a police officer and a mysterious entity named Paprika must find the culprit before more damage is caused.

3. Helter Skelter 

This is a visually stunning piece of film. We follow a superstar called Lilico who strives for perfection. She has undergone multiple surgeries to make herself look perfect. Her surgeries however start to show horrible side effects. This leads her to become heinous towards her employees. She tries to deal with the problems in her career and life by taking drastic steps.

4. Dolls 

Dolls is a visually stunning Japanese film that depicts three stories of love. We follow a young couple who journey together to find something that has been lost in their relationship. We follow an older yakuza member who returns to the park where he used to meet his lost love. We also follow the relationship between a pop star and her biggest fan.

5. Branded To Kill

After an assignment goes south a hitman finds himself at odds with his organization and his colleagues. He must try to protect himself as he tries to run from his organization and one particular colleague who is out to get him.

6. Woman In The Dunes

We follow an educated scientist by the name of Jumpei Niki, an entomologist who has traveled to a seaside town looking for sand insects to study. When he unfortunately misses his bus, the villagers find him a place to stay for the night. He stays with a woman who lives at the bottom of a sand pit and her house can only be accessible with the help of a ladder. Niki soon discovers that; this is a trap. He is forced to stay with the strange woman and help her dig endlessly through the sand.

7. Spirited Away

This movie is another masterpiece delivered by Studio Ghibli. We follow a young girl named Chihiro whose family is moving to the suburbs. During their move, the family gets lost and soon reaches a mysterious tunnel. As they venture inside the tunnel, they soon discover that they are in another world. As her parents are magically transformed into pigs Chihiro must fight to survive on her own and find out how to transform her parents into humans again.

8. Ikiru

We follow the story of an ordinary man named Kanji Watanabe. Kanji is a bureaucrat who has spent more than thirty years of his life working in the same department. His life has become dull and monotonous for him. The excitement and the zest he once had for life have now completely disappeared. One day Kanji learns that he has stomach cancer and has a few months to live. This pushes Kanji to live to the fullest. He starts an introspective journey that makes him understand what life is about.

9. A Silent Voice 

After behaving horribly and bullying a deaf classmate, Shoya Ishida is isolated from his other classmates and friends. He soon becomes bullied himself and grows up isolated. As a young adult, he sets out to correct his path. Despite being depressed and anxious Ishida set out to befriend Shoko the girl he used to bully as a child.

10. The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always The Densest Shade Of Blue 

We follow Mika and Shinji, two young adults trying to navigate their lives in Tokyo. Mika is a hardworking nurse by day and a hostess at a girl’s bar at night. Shinji is a construction worker who is trying to make ends meet. Despite living in the bustling city both lead a lonely existence.