Article: 10 C-Dramas Which Have More Than 1 Season

Not gonna lie, Chinese dramas are addictive. If you love watching K-dramas, you will be hooked on C-dramas too. They too have interesting content. There is sweet romance, family drama, thrillers, and more. When you can't get enough of them, they release more seasons. Here is the list of C-dramas which have more than one season. So that you can continue your binge-watching marathon.

1. Please Don’t Spoil Me

With 5 seasons, "Please Don't Spoil Me" is a Chinese fantasy fiction. An internet writer Yan Yi Yi enters the book she wrote and fights with the emperor to avoid a tragic ending. The show has a typical C-dramaland genre. But the duration of the drama is short. So, you won't get bored. The drama is cute and funny. Although the number of seasons is more, the plot will keep you busy throughout the show. The cast includes Zhang Miao Yi, Xian Zheng Jin, Xianzheng Jin, Chuanhang Yuan, Lin Jing Jiang, and Si Zhao. You can watch this for free on the internet.

2. The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love was a low-budget drama that became an instant hit among Chinese drama lovers. The show consists of 3 seasons. The story is about Qu Tan'er (Liang Jie), who attempts suicide. Later, she finds out that she entered the body of another person. The genre is fantasy, rom-com, and historical. The sets and costumes used are stunning which make the show more interesting. The chemistry between the leads is worth mentioning. So, if you are a sucker for such cute and romantic drama, you can check it out on Netflix.

3. Dragon Day, You’re Dead

The show consists of 3 seasons. Based on the novel of the same name, the show is about school life and friendships. A group of high school students form a group and call themselves Dragon Day. The group faces new challenges every day. The series shows the growth of their friendship over time. "Dragon Day, You're Dead" has a lot of relatable content throughout every episode. Check it out on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Immortal Samsara

The series consists of a season which is divided into three parts. It received international recognition during its initial release. The show is of the Xianxia genre and based on the novel Agarwood Like Crumbs. The series follows the story of Yan-Dan. Yan Dan and her twin sister have the capability to transform into humans. The story throughout the series explores fantasy, romance, and many adventures. The background and costumes used depict the traditional Chinese culture beautifully.

5. The House Of The Fairy Fox

The series consists of 2 seasons. Also known as "The Love of Hypnosis," is set in a fantasy historical background. Mo Shan Shan is a young woman who has the power to speak to plants. When she meets Emperor Qi Xuan, she gets stuck in love with him. The plot has political drama, supernatural elements, romance, and many twists and turns. You are gonna love the chemistry between the main leads.

6. Here Is My Exclusive Indulge

Here is My Exclusive Indulge consists of 2 seasons. It is a sweet romantic story about a CEO with a disability. Yun Xiang Xiang is a girl who is looking for a second chance to restart her life and take revenge on her enemies. The series is a modern C-drama. Unlike many Chinese dramas consisting of heavy traditional costumes and themes, this show deals with serious issues of our time. It is a funny romantic story that you can watch on YouTube for free.

7. My Handsome Husband

Jiang Yun Ze is the CEO of Entertainment where her ex-wife Gu Liang works. Gu Liang got killed by her cheating husband and her sister, all for the company shares. Surprisingly, she gets a second chance to go back a year and change things. Nothing beats a sweet revenge drama. The show is a good combination of revenge and romance. The character of Gu Liang is the highlight of the series. She is portrayed as a strong woman who knows how to take action. The series consists of total 2 seasons.

8. Psychic Princess

Well, we can't enough of the fantasy C-dramas. Psychic Princess, adapted from Manhua (Chinese comic) Tong Ling Fei is about Qian Yunxi, a modern girl who wakes up in the body of a princess. The princess possesses psychic powers. This historical fiction was released in 2019 and consists of two seasons. It is an engaging tv show that some might find a bit cliche. Still, it is recommended for those who like such cliches. It is available on the internet for free.

9. Oh! My Emperor

Also known as "Oh! My Majesty" is a historical, fantasy, and romantic comedy. Consisting of 2 seasons, the story of the series is about Luo Fei Fei, a doctor. She is transported back to the Qing Dynasty. It is a lighthearted comedy show which is different from a typical historical drama. The culture shock of the lead, interactions with the prince, and politics are quite entertaining to watch. It is a well-received drama with a great storyline.

10. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

My Girlfriend is an Alien is a romantic comedy released in 2019. It consists of 2 seasons. An alien Chai Xiaoqi, accidentally lands on Earth and takes the form of a beautiful woman. She meets a CEO of a tech company. Their interactions in the whole show are hilarious. The concept of an alien is used wisely. Overall, it is an entertaining series that you can watch on MX Player for free.