Article: Top 10 Chinese Second Leads Who Are More Popular Than the Main Leads

China has always been brimming with talented actors. China and Taiwan keep us entertained, and a new batch of hot-rising actors serve audiences.

1. Song Wei Long

Actor Song Wei Long is of China's fastest-rising superstars. The broadcast of the hugely prevalent family theater "Go Ahead. Learned for his gorgeous eyes, you'll be surprised to learn that Song Wei Long is just 21 years old and holds obtained many options after signing with Huanyu Film in 2015. he obtained his rather breakthrough in the documented theater "Untouchable Lovers."


2. Greg Hsu

Greg Hsu initially entered the entertainment industry as a singer and was set to debut in a boy band in 2012, due to contract issues, he could not debut. After anchoring the lead position in the critically praised and award-winning theater "Someday or One Day," he eventually obtained his big break."


3. Ding Yu Xi

He graduated from the prestigious Shanghai Theater Academy and completed his official provisional debut in the 2017 romantic uncertainty movie "The Game of Asura." Ding Yu Xi initially desired to work behind the settings behind graduating from the Directing schedule at the Shanghai Theater Academy.


4. Ren Jia Lun

Ren Jia Lun accomplishes not include a scene in acting. He began off as an experienced table tennis participant. Ren Jia Lun decided to follow a career path as a musician and dancer. At the moment, K-pop is actually famous in China. He transferred to South Korea to be an idol student for four years. He stood set to be the head, dancer, and lead rapper of a Chinese-South Korean fellow party.


5. Zhang Xin Cheng

Zhang Xin Cheng already accumulated millions of unique fans behind starring in the widespread sports romance acting "Skate Into Love," majoring in Musical Theater & the Beijing Dance Academy. Zhang, The talented actor is not unfamiliar to audiences. He received great praise from viewers for his incredible and touching portrayal.


6. Cheng Yi

Cheng Yi graduated from the renowned Central Academy of Drama and made his acting debut in the 2011 historical-romance drama "Beauty World." The gifted 30-year-old actor also debuted as a musician in 2017 with the unmarried "Goodbye to the Past.


7. Simon Lian

Simon Lian is most well-known for being a former member of the idol group SpeXial. He moved on to star in different exhibitions, including the recorded drama "Men With Swords"  Simon's popularity soared after featuring in the hit fantasy drama "Lost Romance."


8. Gong Jun

Gong Jun graduated from the Department of Performance at Donghua University and made his acting debut in the historical drama "Sword Chaos." Gong Jun earned an award in 2017 after starring in the BL theater "Advance Bravely." The drama is an adaptation of a popular BL novel "Tian Ya Ke," written by a famous novelist named Priest.


9. Patrick Shih

The youthful actor is understood for his closeness to Park Seo Joon and his celebrity burst for his stunning and moving version in "Someday or One Day" He is driven by Eglin Entertainment and earned his authorized acting debut in the 2016 e-sports childhood acting "Gamer's Generation."


10. Luo Yun Xi 

Luo Yun Xi began learning ballet at five due to his father's power as a dance teacher. He was determined to change employment paths behind his friend persuaded him to evolve into a student. Luo Yun Xi's rage escalated after starring in the contemporary romance drama "Love is Sweet."