Article: 10 High-School K-Dramas In 2020-2022

K-dramas is a name that gets us all excited as it offers the perfect blend of love, friendship, anger, hate, and compassion. Their high school dramas are a big craze. The best thing about them is that they do not focus on melodrama, romance, suspense, or comedy only. These dramas are a blend of many emotions. Here I have mentioned some trending high school k-dramas that you can hop on. These are the perfect appetizers if you are starting now.

1. True Beauty

Before I start talking about this drama, let me have a fan moment. True beauty is everyone's favorite . A cold male lead and a bad boy for the second lead. This drama has humor, love, break-up, high school paradigms, and friendship. Ju-Kyung is a high school student with complex face issues.She decides to change it by applying makeup and transforming herself into a pretty girl. In her new school, she meets two boys, Su-hoo and Seo-Joon. The story unfolds further with the humorous adventures of the trio, that swooning love triangle, and heartbreaks.

2. School 2021

High school brings a lot of tough choices and a platter of confusion, and this drama is the perfect example. It takes you through the realistic journey that a teenager goes through. This drama depicts the story of 18 high school students who chose to follow their dream and passion instead of falling into the norm. The normal is not what they desire. During this expenditure, they come across the stereotypical thoughts of society. Their fights, passion, desire, love, and hatred clash altogether.

3. Live On

Are you in for some crime and mystery? Perhaps an Agatha Christie fan? Well, if you love suspense and thrill with a spice of romance then just go for it. This drama follows the story of a high school chick who joins a broadcasting club to unravel a suspicious mystery of his past. He lays low and targets everyone whom he finds suspicious enough. In the chaos of all this drama, he meets a girl and falls for her. But it turns out that the girl is. Well, watch the drama to know the rest, no spoilers!

4. A Love So Beautiful

Do you want some gushy teenage romance with all the blends of confusion and awkward moments at its peak? This drama will give you all you can expect from those teenage years. It is an Awww drama. A goofy teenager falls for her next-door neighbor and decides to pursue him, but things don't work out for her. When she is about to give up on him, Cupid does the job, it is revealed that the said main lead was in fact in love with her all this time.

5. Extraordinary You

Shoutouts to all the fantasy lovers out there! Kdramas and their fantasies are otherworldly.  This story is about a girl who discovers that she lives in a world of comics. But she is not satisfied with the fate assigned to her hence she makes it her mission to change the said fate.

6. The Sound Of Magic

Are you a magic lover? Or perhaps a fan of Ji Chang-sook? Well, this drama has both of these. Murder, Crime, Magic, rescuing a poor high school girl, everything you can expect from a magic drama, and many more.  It revolves around Yoon Ah-Yi, a high school student trying hard to meet the odds and support herself and her sister. Her life takes an eighty-degree turn when she meets Lee Eul, a famous and mysterious magician.

7. Love Alarm

Do you like messy love triangles? And not to mention, high school love triangles are to swoon over. Here you will fall in love with the main character and our oh-so-dashing second lead. A new mobile app is launched, to know if someone likes you within a ten-meter radius. It is intriguing how everyone is obsessed with the app to find their love interest. Kim Jo jo is stuck in a weird situation when she meets two boys, and the alarm goes beep beep.

8. Moments Of 18

True to its name, this drama gives you the real feel of being a teenager. In those prime years, you go through a lot, confused, desperate, depressed, or sometimes determined. 18-year-old Choi Joon-Woo is used to being lonely. He gets drawn out of his shell at his new school, where he meets a girl who is oddly interested in him.

9. Hi School! Love On

I had to have this drama mentioned in the list. It is intriguing, filled with fantasy, romance, love triangles, and separation. A full-course meal it is! It is about an angel who had to give up her powers and become a human as she tried to save a human being. A fallen angel is living as a teenager at the house of the guy she has saved. And then comes another boy in the picture who starts liking her as she is the only one who understands him. From love till separation and then again finding love. This drama is epic.

10. Cheer Up!

A group of 18-year-old students studying at a boarding school that has a high college entrance rate. Their lives change when the top-scorer and dance club members are asked to be a part of the cheerleading club. This drama depicts the high school life of Korean students where students, are advised to stick to a specific lane and compete against each other. Things start changing, and questions are being asked, voices of students echo when they step out of the norm and do things they aren’t supposed to do.