Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies And Dramas Which Started Fashion Trends

Chinese film and drama have always been well known for their artistic and creative output. They are always willing to try new things with fashion and never fail to impress their fans with their fashion sense. In recent years, Chinese films have started to gain recognition and fame not just in China but also worldwide for their groundbreaking fashion trends. The top ten Chinese movies and dramas that started fashion trends are.

1. A Little Thing Called First Love

A little thing called first love is a 2018 romantic TV drama starring Zhao Jinmai, Lai Kuan-lin, and Chai-Wei. The story is about an ordinary girl Xia Miao Miao who falls in love with the most popular boy in school and embarks on a journey through the college of self-discovery. She is a shy and artistic student, and because of Liang Younian, she decides to make a change. With the help of her friends, she starts to learn about fashion by joining school clubs and raising her grades by studying hard. Each day brings more color to her ordinary life.

2. Count Your Lucky Stars

Count your lucky stars is a 2020 Chinese TV series starring Jerry Yan and Shen Yue. The story is aboutLu Xingcheng, played by Jerry Yan, known for being arrogant, who is the editor-in-chief of a magazine. Despite his arrogance, he is considered a pro in the Fashion world. He is lucky enough to have everything and is used to getting everything he wants. Tong Xiao You, played by Shen Yue, is a less famous fashion designer with bad luck. One day because of an accidental kiss, their fates get swapped instantly.

3. Love Designer

Love Designer is a 2020 Chinese TV series starring Huang Jingyu and Dilraba Dilmurat. The story is about fashion designer Zhou Fang and Song Li, an entrepreneur of an e- commerce company, who meet because of a commercial lawsuit. They get forced to cooperate because of the ties between work and life. The various multi-generational characters grow up in each other’s strengths to cultivate their relationship and, at the same time, gradually fall in love.

4. Fashion War

Fashion War is a 2016 Hong Kong TV drama created and produced by TVB, starring Him Law, Moses Chan, and Sisley Choi. It is a drama that gives old fashioned palace intrigue a modern and trendy twist. The drama revolves around the politics in the office of a high fashion magazine and shows the dark side of the fashion industry. The story mainly follows, the fashion exploits of Ip Long the magazine editor, and his protege, Yannes Cheung and how the employees are struggling to maintain their position.

5. Let’s Fashion Together

Let’s Fashion Together is a 2016 Chinese Drama. Everything started with a fashion show when Didi, a newbie, and four models, Gao Wei Wen, Wang Fu Gui, Jin Jun He, and Bobby, accidentally destroyed an antique sculpture. To pay off their debt, they put their hopes on Wang Fu Gui that these projects would earn them big bucks. Wang Fu Gui9 gets a chance to meet Xian Er during a gaming advertisement.

6. Our Glamorous Time

Our Glamorous Time is a 2018 Chinese TV series based on a novel starring Jin Han and Zhao Liying. The story is about the romance between Li Zhicheng, a former military officer turned CEO, and Lin Qian, a young white-collar worker. Lin Qian has been unsuccessful in all her ventures but has brains and enthusiasm. Li Zhicheng’s family business is on the verge of bankruptcy, and to reverse the situation, he had to return to the corporate world. Li Qian helps him revive the company, and they both fall in love.

7. My Love, Enlighten Me

Nuan Nuan is a young 22-year-old hopeful and kind-hearted pop star who is forced to reinvent herself after, just on the night of her debut, the girl group disbanded. While struggling, she meets Han Che, a booming sound and light engineer. He has an impeccable memory and a cold personality. She has a keen eye for fashion and hopes to secure a permanent spot at a clothing store’s headquarters.

8. The Fox’s Summer

The Fox’s Summer is a 20117 Chinese TV series based on the online novel When the president falls in love. In the drama, the adopted son of the Gu family, Gu Chengze, is the CEO of Gu Mall Corporation. Mrs.Gu wishes Gu Jinyu, her biological grandson, should take over. Gu Chengze meets Li Yanshu, a fashion designer, who is Gu Jinyu's ex-girlfriend, and hires her to motivate Jinyu. In that process, Chengze and Yanshu fall in love with each other.

9. Sleepless Fashion

Zhou Xiao Hui is a journalist who is considered as a rising star who got professional recognition from Alex and Ming Shang Magazine three years ago. Alex however starts feeling exposed to threats by Xiao Hui and plans to set him up, so he can get fired. Zhou Xiao Hui gets angry, leaving Ming Shang as the assistant editor and starting his fashion magazine Modern Magazine. This magazine gets financed by his best friend Wu Yang.

10. Sunshine Of My Life

Tang Ming Xuan is a workaholic general manager of a successful fashion group. He is considered married to his job, a consummate professional, and wants to remain single to focus his time and effort on the business. But this changes when he meets Tang Fei, a young woman who likes traditional embroidery and plans to study in Europe. They adore spending time together but don’t change their plans. When an opportunity to launch a European fashion venture comes, the duo might reunite.