Article: Top 10 Thai Cute Couples

Celebrities are a part of many shows and dramas throughout their career, appearing with different actors. Sometimes actors connect with their co-stars and become a couple. It happens in every entertainment industry, including the Thai industry. The love between on-screen couples can be seen in real life as well. Some Thai celebrity couples are here:

1. Mark Prin And Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas

Mark Prim and Kimberly Anne met in 2011 in the drama Sarm Noom Nuer Tong (Three Golden Men). Their dating rumors started soon after the filming as they were spotted together many times. Later they confirmed their relationship. They worked together in many other dramas like Secret Love Online (2015), Ton Rak Rim Rua (2013), and Kom Faek (2018). Mark Prin and Kimberley have been together for seven years now.

2. Pupaa Taechanarong And Mint Chalida

Chalida Vijitvongthong, also known as Mint Chalida, has been in a relationship with Taechanarong since she was 18 (2012). They have been together for over seven years. Lately, Pupaa uploaded a photo of them holding their twin babies on his official Instagram.

3. Dj Push Puttichai And Jooy Warattaya

The famous actors Jooy Warattaya and Dj Push Puttichai appeared in many shows together. They married in 2018 and posted many pictures on social media. The first got together in the drama "Fun Feung" in 2014.

4. Ton Arch And Taew Natap

Taew Natapohn and Ton Arch have been in a relationship for 14 years since high school. Ton Arch knew her because she was his younger sister's friend. In 2019, Taew Natapohn went on a trip with her family, and Ton Arch joined them. In 2020, the actress admitted that she broke up, but they are still good friends.

5. Weir Sukollawat And Bella Ranee Campen

The next couple is Weir Sukollawat and Bella Ranee. They first appeared together in the movie Fatherland (2011) and started dating later. This couple got happily together for seven years now.

6. Jes Jespipat And Vill Wannarot

In an interview, Jes Jespipat revealed that he Vill Wannarot since the drama "Kahon Maha Ratuek." They made their relationship official in 2019. They even worked together in "Talay Rissaya" in 2019. Jes and Vill are one of the sweetest Thai couples. Fans wait for them to appear together in more acting projects.

7. Green Ausadaporn Siriwattanakul And Thanwa Suriyajak

Thanwa Suriyajak is a Thai model, actor, and singer, born in Laos. He is currently dating Green Ausadaporn. After dating for 3-years, they made their relationship public back from the trip to Myanmar. They shared their plans for marriage in three to four years. Thanwa and Ausadaporn worked together in the drama "Koo Prab Chabab Hua Jai," but fans demand more screen time for this cute couple.

8. Alek Teeradetch And Toey Jarinporn

Toey Jarinporn Joonkiat is a Thai model, host, and actress. She dated Alek Teeradetch for 3-years. Toey and Alek made such a cute couple. They broke up in June 2020. Even though they broke up, they are still good friends.

9. Ter Chantavit And Mai Davika

Ter Chantavit, born in 1983, and Mai Davika, born in 1993, have worked together in well-known shows and dramas. They became a couple after working together in a 2017 romantic drama "Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae." Their dating rumors started, and they confirmed their relationship after "Nang Sao Mai Jum Kad Nam Sakul" in 2018.

10. Nadech Kugimiya And Yaya Urassaya

This couple can be considered the most loved and cute Thai couple in the entertainment industry. Nadech and Yaya first appeared together in the 2010 drama "Duang Jai Akkanee." Fans loved their chemistry together in the movie. They are a media favorite couple, with media people always swarming their events for pictures. They have been in a relationship for nine long years.