Article: Top 10 Feel-Good Korean Movies To Watch When Life Feels Too Much

There are times when life gets overwhelming and nothing feels right, everybody has such days in their life. On such days, everybody deserves feel-good movies that uplift their spirits. When it comes to feel-good and heartwarming movies, Korea has an abundance of them. Feeling good has its benefits. When we are in a good mood, we are full of energy and life feels full of possibilities. But there are days when we are low in spirit, on such days, movies can rescue us and wash away the gloom. If you are looking for such movies to watch on your bad days, then worry not, this article is all you need. There are the top 10 feel-good Korean movies mentioned in the article that feel like a warm hug.

1. My Sassy Girl 

My Sassy Girl is a beautiful movie directed by Kwak Jae-Young. This funny and adorable movie is about two individuals who meet each other under unexpected circumstances and gradually fall in love. Their crazy love story is rich in emotions. Some quirky moments in the movie will make you laugh uncontrollably and will make you feel happy and warm.

2. Midnight Runners 

Midnight Runner is another feel-good movie to watch when you need a good laugh. The movie is about two misfits, who join the Korean National Police Academy University. As the story progresses, they indulge in a crime case, which leads them deeper into the world of crime. Despite never being on a real mission before, this is their time to prove and solve the case themselves. This movie has an intriguing plot with a witty humor and electrifying chemistry between the characters. This movie is worth watching.

3. Miracle In Cell No 7 

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a soul-stirring movie. The movie is about a mentally impaired man who is falsely accused of murder. He gets imprisoned and shares a cell with other criminals. He gradually forms a bond with those criminals and they help him to meet his daughter, by sneaking her into the prison. This movie has some heart-touching scenes that will make you shed some tears, but the movie will leave you smiling at the end.

4. Pawn 

Pawn is another soft-hearted movie. The story is about Doo-Seok, a debt collector, who looks threatening but is kind. One day on his debt-collecting duty he encounters a woman who is an illegal immigrant. The woman asks him to be her daughter Seung-Yi's protector. Watch this brilliant, heartwarming movie to light up your mood.

5. Little Forest

Little Forest is a soulful movie. The movie tells a story about a girl who leaves Seoul and comes back to her hometown in a serene village. She comes back home after being tired of living in a city to find her purpose or to just live a simple and peaceful life while working in a field, growing vegetables, and cooking. At the end of the movie, she realizes that the life she was looking for in the city has always been in her hometown. This is a movie that will bring peace and comfort to your heart and will make you feel good.

6. The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside is a romantic comedy. The movie is about a person named Woo-Jin who miraculously on his 18th birthday wakes up in a different body, and he is in shock with this mysterious phenomenon. This phenomenon keeps happening, but each time he wakes up in a different body and face. Despite a change in his outer appearance, his inner spirit is the same. This movie has an interesting and engaging plot. This light-hearted movie will uplift your mood.

7. Minari 

Minari is a brilliant movie about the unshakable bond and resilience of a family amidst the difficulties of life. It is a Korean-American film based on a family who migrates from Korea to Arkansas, a rural farm, with a dream and purpose for a better life. Their lives change when an unbothered, harsh, but sweet grandma comes to live with them. Regardless of the ups and downs in their life, they stick together and face the problems as a family. Minari tells a tale about the unwavering human spirit and the power of love and caring, delicately. This is an award-winning movie and a must-watch. This movie will lift your spirits.

8. My Wife Is A Gangster 

My Wife Is a Gangster is an amazing movie. The movie is about a woman who belongs to a wealthy and powerful family. She falls in love with an ordinary man with an ordinary job. They both decide to marry. However, she has a secret life that she doesn't want to be revealed to her husband, but there are enemies who are trying to chase her. This movie is a blend of comedy, romance, and power-packed action.

9. Sunny 

Sunny is a perfect watch when you need cheering up. The movie is about a group of seven quirky and zesty school girls, who are best friends. However, the group falls apart after school but reunites 25 years later. This movie will take you back to your school era and will leave you nostalgic. This is a bittersweet and heartfelt movie about friendship. This is a must-watch.

10. Miracle: Letters To The President

Miracle: Letters to the President is a wonderful and touching movie. The movie is about Bo Kyung, who is the older sister of a high school student Jun Kyung. They both live in the countryside and want a train station to be built in the village. With the help of villagers, they start writing letters to the President. This inspiring movie is a perfect stress buster.