Article: Top 10 Powerful Female Leads Of Korean Dramas

A large amount of Korean content is consumed by the female audience. The reason is not because of the outstanding visuals and charismatic oppas. The actual reason is the presentation of the powerful female leads in the drama. K-drama is known for portraying strong, bold, and daring female leads. Women who won’t bow down against any authority and are ambitious. The drama portrays how these powerful female leads strive to achieve their goals despite difficulties. From Gominsi in Youth of May to IU in Mister, here’s the list of the top 10 powerful female leads in Korean Dramas.

1. Iu In My Mister

The mentally strong person is the one who can conquer anything in life. That’s what IU’s character Lee Ji Ah portrays in the drama. She is the victim of physical abuse and violence. Despite going through such traumatic events, she works for her grandma’s treatment and provides herself with something to eat.

2. Gominsi In Youth Of May

Gominsi’s character Myunghe inspires viewers to do everything for their dreams and goals. She wants to attend college in Germany and applies for a scholarship too. She is a strong independent woman who works as a nurse in a hospital. Despite her terrible and poor circumstances, she works hard.

3. Gong Hyo Jin In When The Camelia Blooms

Gong Hyo Jin played the role of a single mother in the thrill-based drama When the Camelia Blooms. She left her first boyfriend when she found out that she was pregnant. She started her bar named Camelia. She gained her unfound confidence with time. She also allowed herself to fall in love again.

4. Soo Young In Run On

Soo Young played the role of Dan Ah in the slice-of-life drama Run On. She acted as the powerful CEO who knew no limits. She was known for her blatant and straightforward truths. The viewers loved her undoubted confidence. She is popularly known for her badass aura and charisma.

5. Seo Ye Ji In It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Seo Ye Ji’s character Ku Myeong is one of the most memorable characters when it comes to powerful female leads. She is known for her outspoken nature. She doesn’t hide anything except for her dark past. She has suffered both physically and mentally because of her parents. However, she beat her circumstance and become a successful writer.

6. Kim Tae Ri In Mr.Sunshine

Kim Tae Ri played the role of Lady Ae Sin in the historical drama, Mr.Sunshine. Lady Ae-Sin is known for her patriotic personality and undeniable charm. Whenever she picked up her sword and had fun in the drama, it brought a wave of applause among the audience. She is one of the most iconic and powerful female leads of k-dramas.

7. Kim Hye Soo In Juvenile Justice

Kim Hye Soo played the role of Eun-Seok in the drama Juvenile Justice. The drama revolves around juvenile law and justice. Eun Seok was a strict and diligent lawyer. She knew how to punish young offenders who tried to break the rules. The drama unravels the circumstances that compel the young people to commit heinous crimes.

8. Lee Bo Young In Mother

Lee Bo Young played the role of an elementary teacher Kang So Jin in the drama Mother. The drama revolves around child abuse and healing. Kang So Jin finds a student getting abused at her home. She wanted to do something for her. The drama unravels the healing story.

9. Park Shin Hye In Sisyphus

The Myth Park Shin Hye played the role of a strong and brave Kang Seo Hae in the drama. She travels back to the past to save humankind in South Korea. Fortunately, she had escaped the bombings of the past. She and her father time traveled to the future where only emptiness awaits them.

10. Kim Se Jeong In The Uncanny Counter

Kim Se Jeong played the role of Ha-Na in the fantasy drama The Uncanny Counter. She is tough and brave. After losing her family, she lives with guilt and remorse. She cannot forgive herself and thus ends her life abruptly. Ultimately, she decides to become stronger to help the weak people.