Article: Top 10 Most Dreamy Guys Of China

1. Xiao Zhan

One of China’s leading stars, Xiao Zhan was born on October 5, 1991. He is a member of the famous Chinese boy band ‘X Nine.’ Zhan had a start, and his career plummeted with his breakthrough role in ‘The Untamed’ that brought him international fame and recognition. With his innocent face and alluring eyes, Xiao Zhan surely can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Zhan was voted the Most Handsome Man in the World 2020 by Top Beauty World, beating Johnny Depp and Kim Taehyung. Well, it’s no surprise!


2. Wang Yibo

China’s Heartthrob, Wang Yibo, with his talent and looks, had caught the attention of millions of audiences from his singing to acting skills. The 23-old actor-singer entered the entertainment industry with the boy band ‘Uniq.’ But his popularity exploded after starring in the Chinese drama ‘The Untamed’ with his co-star Xiao Zhan; Wang, has won his way towards our hearts.


3. Xu Kai

It would be wrong not to include Xu Kai in our list. A promising actor in the Chinese entertainment industry, this handsome young man has successfully starred in many dramas in the last couple of years. In 2019, Forbes China listed Xu Kai under their 30 Under 30 China 2019 list, for influential entrepreneurs and stars in China. With his killer visuals and incredible acting, he has slain fan girls all across China.


4. Zhang Xincheng

Zhang Xincheng, the 26-year-old actor, is a budding talent in China’s entertainment industry. With his boyish charms and reliable acting skills, the actor has impressed countless people. He won the Best New Actor award at the iQiyi All-Star Carnival for the drama ‘My Huckleberry Friends.’ He is an all-rounder. In addition to acting, Xincheng is passionate about music and dance and martial arts and photographs and also owns a production studio.

Seriously, what can’t this man do?


5. Song Weilong

Song Weilong has become a popular name in China, all thanks to his recent drama hits and various brand endorsement. This charming 22-year-old young man has made his name in this competitive industry. With swoon-worthy looks and a unique face, he has gained many followers. 2020 hit modern romantic drama ‘Find Yourself’ brought international recognition to Song. In 2019, Song was listed in Forbes China’s 30 Under 30 Asia list.


6. Yang Yang

How could someone resist this man!

Yang Yang, one of China’s prominent actors, has stolen hearts with his outstanding visuals. Every C-drama lover thinks of the 2016 hit youth romance drama ‘LoveO2O’ starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang as the leads. The drama brought international fame to Yang Yang, and now he is the face of many luxury brands.


7. Li Xian

C-drama lovers would never forget the drama Go Go Squid! the rom-com drama starring Li Xian and Yang Zi was a massive hit in China and overseas and was a breakthrough for Li Xian. Known as ‘present boyfriend,’ Li Xian’s masculine looks and incredible acting skill, has escalated his career to become one of China’s leading actors.


8. Deng Lun

The reputed Chinese actor, Deng Lun, with his notable works has now become a household name. With his good looks and acting skills, this 28-year-old actor had endorsed international brands, which include Ralph Lauren, L’Oreal, and a lot more. Deng started his acting career in 2012 with the romance series ‘Flowers in Fog.’ In 2017, he got his breakthrough role in the family drama ‘Because of Meeting You’, which increased his stardom.


9. Luo Yunxi

How can we miss Luo Yunxi on our list? With his stunning visuals and excellent acting, the 33-year-old actor has paved his way to the heart of millions of fans. Yunxi’s popularity skyrocketed when he acquired the antagonist role of the historical hit drama ‘Ashes of Love’ in 2018. From there, his career escalated to become one of China’s hottest rising stars.


10. Ren Jialun

Last but not least, is China’s mainland actor and singer Ren Jialun. Previously a professional tennis player, he had to quit the sport due to injuries. With his attractive looks and bright smile, he entered showbiz in 2014. Ren rose to fame in 2017 with the role of Li Chu in the hit costume drama ‘The Glory of Tang Dynasty.’ A loving husband and doting father, Ren, have gifted the audience many good works and will continue to do so for his fans.