Article: Top 10 Most Streamed Soloists Of The Korean Music Industry

The Korean Music Industry is getting popular worldwide. Many soloists are gaining popularity around the world. Their songs have gained much recognition from Korean artists. They collaborate with other artists, or they release their tracks. We knew which groups were the most streamed. But some soloists get streamed a lot. Many K-pop singers have successful careers in the music industry. Some of them are ex-members. Some are part of the group, but their solo careers are successful. Their solos represent a part of them that they want to express. But who are the soloists? They have also collaborated with other singers, which makes them famous. These K-pop idols show and explore their talent. They showed the world their music. Their songs can be of any genre. They express their emotion through music. These K-pop idols are known for both solo and group careers. These soloists are well-loved from different parts of the world. Here are the top 10 soloists of the Korean Music Industry who are making their place in other industries.

1. Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Everyone knows the golden maknae of the group. Jungkook has recently released an album- Seven. The song has gained much popularity around the world. Jungkook's solo career has been successful. Jungkook fans love him a lot. It does not matter whether he performs in a group or as a soloist. His recent collaborations with Charlie Puth and Fahad Al Kubaisi have gained much attention around the globe. His voice is so perfect that it blends with any genre of music without any effort. All the ARMY fans are so supportive and love him a lot.

2. Lalisa Manoban (Blackpink)

The Blackpink World Tour has gained much popularity for the group. The solo careers of the members have now released. But who has been streamed a lot through her solos? Lisa has gained many fans through her solos. Her songs are Money and Lalisa. They have not only been listened to a lot but also made her career successful career. She has also won the best K-pop for Lalisa in VMAs 2022. Her solo tracks have gained much recognition. In her songs, she showed her talents. She showed what she is as a soloist. Her tracks show her different aspects of personality and highlight her home country through her music videos.

3. J Hope (BTS)

Have you heard his song Chicken Noodle Soup? J Hope released this song years before announcing the military. His songs have been streaming a lot. He is the first member to release a full-length album. He had recently won an award for Arson in MAMA. His winning showed his successful career. Jack in the Box has displayed the real side of J Hope. He showed his different personalities through his album. He had revealed his emotions through his music.

4. IU

IU is famous as the Nation's Little Sister by the South Korean netizens. She is the first soloist to hold a concert at the Olympic Stadium. Who is the most successful female soloist? It should be IU. Her songs have sweet rhythms. Many people love her songs. Her songs have been streaming on different music platforms. She had won many awards throughout her whole career. She is a true angel. She is the most beautiful soloist. Her career as a singer and an actress is successful.

5. Kim Tae Hyung (BTS)

Who does not know Celine Boy V? He is the second most famous member of the group Bangtan Sonyeondan. His recent album, Layover album, has gained much attention. His tracks are streaming all over different music platforms. V has also released his solos before the announcement. Many people around the globe love his song. His songs are calm and soothing to the ears.

6. Kim Tae Yeon (Girls Generation)

Have you heard of Girls Generation? If yes, then you have probably heard of her. Kim Tae Yeon is one of the best female vocalists in the South Korean Music Industry. She debuted in a group in the year 2007. But as a soloist, she debuted in 2015, which allowed her to explore her music. Her recent album has also won awards in MAMA. Her songs are streamed a lot by the people.

7. PSY

Do you know about the song That That? It was so famous that it had been trending for many months. You already know about the recent collaboration with Suga. That That song is one of the most streamed songs. If you have grooved upon Gangnam Style,  then That That, has also awakened your inner dancer in 2022. His songs are catchy, and his rhythms are so perfect. It will make you want to dance with all your energy. He is also the most streamed male soloist on different music platforms.

8. Jessi

Jessi is one of the most streamed Female soloists in the South Korean music industry. Have you heard the song Zoom? It was trending on Instagram and other social media platforms. Nunu Nana was also the most streamed song. Jessi is the most active member of the industry. Her songs have gained much recognition in Asia and different countries.

9. August D (BTS)

You can call him Suga or Agust D. His song Daechwita is one of his most streamed songs. His recent world tours have gained much popularity. His music shows the darkness of anxiety. The anxiety that he experienced in his real life. His songs are unique and allow him to embrace his rebellious side.

10. Jay Park

Do you remember the collaboration of IU and Jay Park? Ganadara (feat. IU) song has made him win the award for Best Hip Hop and Urban Music. His music is mostly Hip Hop. He has been streaming a lot, and Jay is one of the active singers in the music industry.