Article: 10 Japanese Talented Actresses

Japanese culture is well-known and unique from other cultures across the world. The most notable is their animation anime, which is renowned not just in Japan but across the globe. With it comes a cast of outstanding women who are not just talented but also attractive. These women were nominated for the most prestigious academic award globally, establishing Japan as a global acting powerhouse.

1. Suzu Hirose

Suzu Hirose is a Japanese actress and model who is 22 years old. Ooishi Suzuka is her real name. While in high school, she was involved in athletics, but then turned to model for Japan's Seventeen Magazine and appeared in numerous commercials. This occurred when she accompanied her sister, who was also a model for the same publication. She made her debut feature film appearance a few years later in Umimachi Diary, a Japanese film. This 2015 film received many nominations in Japan, including the Newcomer of the Year award and a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival. She has also appeared in additional blockbuster films such as Hirokazu Korea: The Third Murder. She has made a name for herself as Japan's most innovative corporate advertising.


2. Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki is a multi-talented Japanese actress who also dabbles in modeling, singing, and hosting a part-time radio show. Argaki has been in several films, both large and small. She played the lead in a courtroom drama on television, which required her to modify her appearance to match the character correctly. Her most well-known works are the 2016 Nigeri Wa Haji Daga, Yaku Ni Tatsu, which was a massive hit in Japan. She received the Tokyo Drama Awards in 2017 for her performance in the series. Yui's favorite activities include manga reading and karaoke. Lespros agency represents her. Yui has received several accolades, including the newcomer award for her roles in films such as waruboro, Tokyo serendipity, code blue: doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei, fure shojo, ballad, and sky love. She has also pursued a music career, releasing several singles and an album.


3. Mikako Tabe

Mikako Tabe, a 29-year-old Japanese actress from Tokyo, is another excellent actress. She is also a part of the Sailor Moon musicals in addition to acting. Mikako began acting in the early 2000s and has since performed in several short films, dramas, plays, and cartoons. She made her acting debut at the age of 13 in the 2004 television drama Riyu. From the television programs Hinokio and Aozora no yukue, she received the Blue Ribbon Award for Best Newcomer. Mikako has won every award for which she has been nominated, demonstrating her brilliance and ability as an entertainer.


4. Juri Ueno

Juri Ueno is a 33-year-old Japanese actress who debuted in the Japanese entertainment business with a part in the television series Seizon in 2002. Her first major part came in the 2004 film Swing Girls. The show featured teenage high school ladies in a comedy and drama mix. For her work in the aforementioned television drama, she received the Japanese Academy's Newcomer of the Year award in 2005. Another important prize came her way in 2007 when she was named best leading actress at the 51st Television and Drama Academy Awards. She received the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand and 57th Television Drama Academy Awards in 2008 for best-supporting actress. She got a lot of plaudits and awards for her portrayal of Tomoko Suzuki. Her portrayal as Noda Megumi in the movie series Nodame Cantabile is also noteworthy.


5. Sakura Ando

Sakura Ando is a Tokyo-based actress who began her career as a supporting actress in various films, winning awards such as Best Supporting Actress at the 31st Yokohama Film Festival in 2010 for the films Love Exposure, Kuhio Taisa, Tsumitoka Batsutoka, and a nomination for the same category at the 4th Asian Film Awards for A Crowd of Three.


6. Yoshitaka Yuriko

Yoshitaka Yuriko is a Japanese actress who was born on July 22, 1988. Snakes and Earrings, Yurigokoro, and the NHK asadora Hanako to Anne are just a few of the films and television series in which she has appeared.

Yoshitaka was spotted by an agency while shopping in Harajuku when she was 16, in her first year of high school. Yoshitaka debuted on the stage in 2006. In 2007, she was cast as the lead in Hitomi Kanehara's award-winning novel Snakes and Earrings, which was adapted into a live-action film. Yoshitaka's breakout performance was as Lui, an adolescent whose life spirals out of control after meeting the fork-tongued and tattooed Ama. Yoshitaka was voted the fifth most promising young actress of 2009 and the year's freshest female star in a survey conducted by Oricon. In 2010, Oricon organized another vote to choose the most promising actress, and she came out on top.


7. Ayami Nakajo

Ayami Nakajo, from Osaka, is another excellent young actress. Her mother is Japanese and her father is British. Ayami began her career as a model, as did the majority of the actors in her nation. In 2011, she won the Grand Prix in the Miss Seventeen competition. Miss Double-faced Teacher, a television role, launched her acting career in 2012. This led to her first leading part in Fatal Frame, her debut feature. For her portrayal as Ayano Tamaki in Let's Go, Jets! she received the 41st Japan Academy Prize in the Newcomer of the Year category in 2018.


8. Kanna Hashimoto

Kanna is a Japanese actress and former singer and was born on February 3, 1999. She began her career in the entertainment sector as a member of the Rev. from DVL Japanese idol girl group. Kanna made her acting debut in the film I Wish, which was released in 2011. She's starred in several live-action adaptations of popular manga and anime series. She rose to fame in 2013 after a photo of her went viral on social media, and she was complimented for her attractiveness by many. In 2015, she was chosen the cutest idol in both the men's and women's polls. Kanna was cast as a robot in the film assassination school later that year. She starred as Kagura, an adolescent alien space girl, in the live-action Gintama film in 2017 and a sequel film in 2018.


9. Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani is a Japanese actress, model, and news anchor who is 29 years old. Her acting career began in 2006, with roles on both the big and small screens. Mirei has also served as a television anchor, from 2012 to 2018, for NTV News Zero. Mirei began her career as a model for Seventeen Magazine, as do the majority of Japanese actresses. On TC Candler's list of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces, she was also included. Mirei is also a vocalist who debuted in 2012 with the track Sweet & Bitter. She is best known for her roles in Joshi Zu, Koisuru Vampire, Heroine Shikkaku, and Sukinahito ga Iru Koto, for which she received the Tokyo Nail Expo's Nail Queen 2014 Award.


10. Erika Toda

In Japan, Erika Toda is recognized for being a bold and brilliant actor. She is one of the most well-known Japanese celebrities in the film business, as well as on social media. She was born in the city of Kobe in 1988 and debuted in the film industry in the year 2000. Erika models, which she has done since she was 13 years old when she is not on set performing. She has starred in several films and television shows, both as the protagonist and as a supporting character. Death Note: Megami No 50-Byou, the action Amalfi: Megami No 50- Byou and Hankyu Densha are only a few of her well-known works.