Article: Ten Anime Live-Action Adaptations Hated By Anime Lovers

Who doesn't like Anime? One thing we don't want as Anime fans (Weebs) for Hollywood or Netflix to ruin the Anime reputation by doing a bad live-action movie or series. The following are some live-action Anime adaptations you should watch out for:

1. Death Note (2017)

The results of some Anime adaptations by the well-known Netflix are questionable. Death Note is a complex and twisty series where a young boy finds a notebook that could kill anyone with their name.  First, changing the location from Japan to Seattle triggered the fans. Also, the whitewashing of the Anime's context. The 2017 live-action movie stripped away all the twists and questions, leaving a dull cat-and-mouse story. This Anime adaptation taught the fans not to expect too much from live actions.


2. Attack On Titan 

This Anime is a great way to get any viewer plugged in. Anime with this outrageous and complex source material has to give filmmakers a hard time. The best example has to be Attack on Titan.  The plot talks about a world isolated with walls to stay protected from flesh-eating giants called 'Titans,' which is a bizarre horror with an insane level of cannibalism. The reviews were negative, asking why they decided to make two parts of this movie.


3. Gantz

Gantz is an Anime series known for its gruesome story that follows the lives of the dead who get teleported into a parallel world. It may sound intriguing, but the series has repulsive and unlikable characters, so it is not for everyone. However, this Anime did portray the dark side. The live-action remake of this Anime attempted to emulate the style and creates a similar setup. Yet, the movie's short runtime did not allow viewers to connect with the characters and left the plot unresolved.


4. Black Butler (2014)

Black Butler, an Anime with a massive cult following, having a live-action adaptation with changes to the original plot would piss people off. The Anime is about Ciel Phantomhive, a young boy who makes a bargain with a demon to get revenge for his family.  First, the live-action replaces Ciel as a girl instead of a boy. The charismatic demon is a blithering idiot.  We can expect the story to place in the 20th century instead of the 2000s. The plot changes triggered the fans and made this live-action a complete flop in Japan.


5. Ouran High School Host Club 

Like other Anime adaptations, the live-action adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club was also a flop. Some Animes are better as animated shows, and creators should avoid adapting them to live-action series or movies.  This movie adaptation tries to fit 20 episodes worth of content into 105 minutes, making the plot choppy and pressed for time, with underdeveloped characters and a rushed story.


6. Bleach (2018)

Bleach is a well-known Anime series worldwide. The plot of Bleach revolves around Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year-old student. He is different because he can see ghosts. That attracts the attention of a woman with black kimono and a katana, A Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. The plot gets intense and involves battles against beings called Hollow.


7. Parasyte 

Parasyte is a great horror-thriller Anime. The live-action adaptation failed to capture the true essence of the plot, with questionable CBI effects. Many characters and scenes got changed from the source. The action sequences and muted fights immensely disappointed the fans. It may not be the worst live-action adaptation, but still a flop.


8. Devilman (2004)

Go Nagai's supernatural manga, Devilman Crybaby, a well-written Anime, but the 2004 live-action adaptation is the opposite.  The live-action has bad CGI, incompetent direction, and casting composed of inexperienced actors. This adaptation was nearly unwatchable.


9. Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the greatest Anime and manga written, a tale that combines science and magic.  Netflix's live-action adaptation tried to do some justice to the plot but fell short in time that none of the moments the Anime provided the fans. The trimming of time and lack of character development pushed away the Anime fans.


10. G-Savior

The G-Savior Universe is an Anime enterprise stretching to many episodes and OVAs.  A live-action of this Universe must have by someone other than a production company from Canada. The movie, G-Savior, was created for Gundam's anniversary, but it turned out to be a flop due to the confusing plot and poor CGI.